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Some Painting and a Lot of House Stuff

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013


This morning I washed out my orange dyed fabric. Reveal will be coming up soon. Then I painted silk organza for my seasonal piece. The above is my drop cloth. I always love how the drop cloth looks after a painting fest.


Then, the afternoon was spent with the realtor and picking out paint for our smaller guest bedroom which we never painted. The flippers used some weird molding around the windows which we are restoring and then painting the walls a nice warm neutral.

I saw these red leaves in a driveway on our walk today. So pretty.


A Productive Day

Monday, October 21st, 2013


I finished cutting and fusing my 4 seasons background. Next, I am going to add a layer of collaged painted organza. I have some in my stash, but need a few more colors. I was too pooped to paint tonight.

My first project for The Printed Fabric Bee is due at the end of the month so I started working on that. I can’t share what I did until the reveal on our FB page, but I did dye some orange fabric today. I did tangerine and rust orange.


The rust orange bag had a hole in it so I ended up with a red hand.


Tonight, I sat and relaxed and stitched more 3x3s together.


We are still having sunny and crisp fall days with no rain  quite unusual for us. We are having to put a new roof on the house before we sell it and since we have a forecast of good weather for the foreseeable future, they are going to start next week. That should be fun — not!

Seduced by Technique

Sunday, October 20th, 2013


I went back to the Oregon critque group on Saturday, after taking a time out for most of this year. I just was too busy to attend the other two meetings this year. We had a wonderful artist as our guest critic. Jennifer, is a native Scot, but has not lived there for some time. She has an MFA and is an acrylic painter and works at the Bush Barn Art Center in Salem. I took my graffiti piece and my moon pieces. She really loved the graffiti piece — the only downside was the purple/blue paint being too much the same value as the background. I agree. It was exciting to have this chance to hear comments about this daring approach to my art.

moonstruckshrunk     BlueMoon1indigomoonweb

I asked her to look at my moon pieces, as a series. She thought they were boring and didn’t quite get how the person who created the graffiti piece did these. As I sat there and looked at them, I had to agree. On my over hour long drive home, I thought about it. I think I became seduced by a technique and lost my creative edge. I am going to abandon this work for awhile and go back to my more creative work.

I am working on a piece for our local SAQA show, layers. I am working on a background of fabrics that represent the 4 seasons. I have cut the pieces for summer and fall.


We have been having glorious fall weather. Yesterday’s drive to Silverton, through the Oregon countryside, was beautiful. We met at Carol Heist’s home, which is up on a hill, overlooking the Silverton reservoir. Here is the view from her deck.


We had the crit session in her studio which is built behind their home with a passageway. The studio is truly envy worthy. Here is a view from the outside.



I did some experimenting with Jacquard’s Dye Magnet today. I can’t share that until later.


Beautiful Day

Friday, October 18th, 2013


We are having glorious fall weather. After several days of unending rain, we have been having unending days of delightful sunny weather.

I got my pet postcards in the mail today and whipped up this one to send to someone as a thank you. Can’t say who just yet. The background looks bluer than it is.


I had a piece of gray silk organza on which I have been doing test printing.


It seemed too good to just discard so I used it as the background for the postcard. I think I will use the rest for another collage with graffiti.

I pulled fabrics and sorted them by season as I have a piece planned where I want to have a wash of color in the background showing the Portland seasonal colors.


I am trying to decide whether I want to mix in some batiks for variety.

I now am under a gag order regarding Lisa’s situation. I can say that two more companies have withdrawn goods from this company on their shelves and website. If there is good press, I can share it. This has gotten big, very quickly.

I am going to my Oregon critique group tomorrow. I am looking forward to that. Have a great week-end!

Pet Postcards in the Mail

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

I have been going to meetings and working on the guild newsletter, but I did finish the pet postcards. The look so much better when they are quilted, trimmed and edged. I printed custom backs for them.


Here is a sampling of the cards which will be off to Houston tomorrow.






It is late and I need to get to bed. I hope to get started on some new work tomorrow. It is going to be warm so I may do a little dyeing.