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Unearthing the Past

Friday, November 8th, 2013


The purging and organizing continues. Today, Steph and M and M came over to help me. Steph found this woven hanging that I did back in the 70’s. I thought I had lost it in one of our last moves. Here is a detail.


I did quite a bit of weaving back in the day. I was juried into the museum artisans guild in Schenectady and sold my work there. After we moved to California, I stopped weaving and sold the loom about 10 years ago.

Here is something else from the 70’s – That 70’s Family!


I always get tickled when I see something with my name on it because it is not very common so I have been hanging on to this:


And I was very happy to find this stencil that I made in a Jane Dunnewold class because the next Printed Fabric Bee Queen has asked for blue spirals.


Today, we finished clearing out the dye/paint kitchen so that Mr C can paint it. It is the only room downstairs that we have not painted.

Here are Mia and Miles:

Mia sorted all my brushes and other painting utensils. Then she moved on to my color pens and pencils. She threw out the ones that had dried up. I gave her the big box of Prismacolor pencils – she was quite happy.


Miles helped me sort paper and office supplies and made trips to our recycling bin.


These shelves were overloaded with paper stuff – much of which I will never use. Now, I just have what I need.


These are the donations for SCRAP, an organization that collects and sells creative supplies. I have another big bag full in the storage area.


It is starting to feel good to get this done. Next week, Steph and I are going to work on the office and start getting it staged.  Then we will move on to the Studio. I have decided to commit to a studio downsizing sale so I will have to be organized and ready to get rid of stuff by Dec. 6th. I am going to put that in the Guild Newsletter so that I can’t back out. Trying to think how to sell the fabric I don’t want – by the bag or by the pound? If anyone has had experience with this, let me know what has worked well.

So, now you know what I have been doing – keeping my promise to Mr C and he is very happy with the results. We are also happy with the new room on the house – looks great!