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Printing Text

Friday, May 30th, 2014


This morning, I awoke, feeling like the crappy virus had left me. By late morning, I was up for a walk with Scooter and Mr C. After lunch, I headed for my studio to get the printing done for this month’s Printed Fabric Bee Queen. The criteria was – text based, favored color – turquoise and other bright colors, 12 inches square.

I found a turquoise fabric that I had painted a while ago.


Lisa said we could use any kind of text, real or imagined. I have a stamp with fake handwriting. I used purple dynaflow paint.


Here is the base printing on the fabric with the stamp and purple paint.


For the next layer, I used a thermofax screen that I made some time ago. I used chartreuse screen printing paint.


I was disappointed that I did not get a sharper print with the chartreuse. My test on plain muslin was much better. But, it has a nice subtlety.


I got a great idea for my What’s Blue to You quilt for High Fiber Diet. It has to be 24 x 60 inches. I printed out a rastorized version of my idea and pinned it to my design wall. I think it is going to work. So that is my project for next week. Stay tuned for the fun.

I snapped a photo of the street car that rolls by my studio. Love the sound.