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Using Geometry to Draw

Thursday, January 8th, 2015


I started the month long drawing class at Trinity last night. Randall, our teacher, is a classically trained oil painter. He is teaching us to draw in the old classical method used back in the Renaissance. It went out favor in the early 1900’s , I think. I took a drawing course at Cornell and it was not this method, more the contour method, I think.

Randall started us out drawing basic geometric shapes and then turning them in to 3-D shapes. I was a bit perplexed at this point. OK – all you artists who have gone to art school are probably thinking how naive is she!

Then, he showed us how to look at animals and human bodies and see geometry. We began by drawing cubes which we turned into faces. We did not spend a lot of time on each drawing – he kept moving us forward.


We moved on to drawing dogs. We used spheres and cones.





Then, we were given photos of dogs and piece of tracing paper. We traced the geometric shapes from the dog and then drew those on our drawing paper and with the charcoal added details to create a dog that was supposed to look like the photo. I really love the dog that I drew.


Then, we moved on to body parts, starting with arms and legs. These started as cones.



Then, we did a body in motion that blew my mind.


I had so much fun. Can’t wait to go back next week.