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Day 21

Monday, December 21st, 2015

Irene Latham winter solstice poem

Oops! I missed two days, but I have good excuses. First, I just had to say that I am always happy when the winter solstice rolls around. We even had some nice sunshine today.

I got a huge amount of SDA work to do on Saturday. We have many institutions, libraries, colleges, etc who have institution accounts with us through a subscription service. I was sent almost 100 of them on Saturday. Since we are coming up on the holidays and the end of the month, I had to get them done and it took all week-end long with some time off for riding the exercycle and walking with Scooter and Mr C. As I finished each one, I scribbled on it with a sharpie and threw it on the floor.


On Saturday, when we took our walk, it was pretty cold and I mentioned that I would like a hat to match the teal scarf Mr C gave me for my birthday. So we went to the store where he bought it and I cam home with this:


Today, we walked while it was still drizzling and stopped at the pet store and bought Scooter a raincoat. I think he looks quite dapper! And, he won’t be quite as wet after walking in the incessant rain that we have day after day after day.


I did manage to get some more quilting done on the lost edges piece. I hope to finish it tomorrow.


Day 18

Friday, December 18th, 2015


We have been getting a lot of this.

Portland — which has seen 12.54 inches of rain in December — looks to be on track to break the all-time record for December of 13.32 inches. That total got a huge boost Thursday, where 2.42 inches of rain fell downtown, breaking the old record of 2.26 inches, for the date set back in 1884.

Friday marked the 19th day in a row that Portland has had a least a trace or more of rain.

Today, it did not rain incessantly, just lots of shower bursts. In fact there were sun breaks. That is a term that I learned after moving here. Winter is normally overcast and showery with sun breaks.

We took advantage of the sunbreak to take the street car down to the DMV. I had a form from my surgeon to get one of these.


Mr C needed to replace a damaged driver’s license. The DMV is a place where all types of citizens cross paths. I am a people watcher and always enjoy the scene.

So, that was today, nothing exciting happening. I did a bunch of SDA work, but I need to finish quilting my lost edges piece and turn it in. Maybe tomorrow.

Day 17

Thursday, December 17th, 2015


I have had a busy couple of days. Yesterday was the PDX SAQA holiday lunch at Elizabeth Bamberger’s home. Always a fun time, sharing food and fellowship with members. Before I left, Kristin La Flamme stopped by to drop off something and asked if she good photograph her Migration Story piece in my condo hallway. It is a totally wonderful piece about her personal migration story as an Army Wife. It will be in the SAQA exhibit at the Textile Museum in DC.


During the show and tell yesterday, Mary Ann McCammon, showed us this quilt made by women in Kenya where she taught a workshop for women suffering from obstetric fistula. This is a cause that Marianne has taken up and she does lots of work for the Fistula Foundation and her own artwork often references the problem. This is a third world problem where this problem is not addressed as it is in most modern medical care. This quilt, which has lovely story embroidery, will be auctioned off. I really admire Mary Ann for her work with this organization.

After SAQA, I was off to the dentist to get a needed check up for my impending knee surgery. So, I have that out of the way. And then, I crashed.

Today, I met my STASH friends for lunch and some sloshing around in the rain visiting some shops in the Portland Alberta area.


I found my daughter, Lisa’s, latest fabric line at the Modern Domestic store:


At the knitting shop, nearby, I bought this angora yarn to make an infinity scarf. I love that chartreuse and gray combo.


Tonight, Lisa and Clay took us out to dinner and then to a Baroque music concert at Trinity. What a gorgeous concert with solo voices that sounded like angels. The orchestra played the old renaissance instruments. So tonight, I am feeling mellow and happy having had wonderful fellowship and food and music. Tomorrow, I have to get some work done.!!


Day 16 Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015


Day 15

Tuesday, December 15th, 2015


It has been a pretty good day despite the gloom hanging over Portland. I had lunch with Amy Frazer, who I met through SDA. She used to work in the sock division of Nike and traveled a lot meeting with athletes regarding their sock needs, I guess. She was doing fiber art work, mainly embroidery, on the side. Now, she no longer works for Nike and is pursuing a more artistic life.

Here we are enjoying our decadent desserts at Papa Haydn’s, known for their desserts. That is my cheesecake with a toffee crust (so good). She had the Buche de Noel. We both took half home to our significant others.


I wore my bionic brace for more than four hours today. I find that if I wear it during my most active time, it saves my knee from getting enraged and screaming at me.

Tonight, we toodled over the hill to Kristin La Flamme’s home and had some munchies and then went to hear her daughter, Katja, play bass with the Wilson High School Jazz band. Such fun and good memories for me of the days when I was a band, orchestra and choir member in high school. Plus, I adopted Kristin several years ago as my art quilt daughter, so Katja is sort of my grandchild!!


The other good thing is that I got to miss the republican debate!!

So, it has been a good day.