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Shady Neutrals

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016


This week we have left the world of bright happy colors and have gone to the dark side. I am loving these complex colors. The above colors are achieved by mixing complementary colors.


These shades of colors are achieved by adding varying amounts of black to the basic colors. The turquoise on the bottom has the most black added.

I still have to wash out an experiment I did with adding dye of another color to already dyed fabric.

I also got a better blue mixed up. The other one I had was not a primary color, it seemed to have some green in it.


I had a busy, busy week-end. On Saturday, I had a guild new member mingle in the morning and then out for dinner at friends that evening. On Sunday, we hosted a bit of house tour for some new people who have moved into a unit like ours and wanted to see how we had decorated. Then I had a Surface Design meeting in the afternoon.

I did something to my other knee and so I have been really hobbling around. I have a problem taking pain meds because they are upsetting my stomach and to tell you the truth, I am miserable most of the time. I am just glad I have something productive to do to take my mind off my misery, at least temporarily. I have a call in to the Dr., but I think today was his day off. As Mr C likes to say, every day, I am a day closer to getting my new knee.