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Good Days and Bad Days

Thursday, September 1st, 2016


I have made a remarkable surgery recovery when it comes to my knee, but this old body is not returning to the pre-knee problems energy level. I have days when I just don’t feel like doing more that I have to do. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to push myself and get past the fear of possible knee pain. I was able to do close to 8000 steps a day for a week and then this week, I crashed. I am exhausted and on top of that I am having insomnia. It is very depressing. I have a hard time even thinking about being creative.

So, I have avoided blogging, but decided to post some of the positive things I have done since coming back from NY.

I went to STASH meeting and Reva had arranged for an artist friend to come and guide us through painting with acrylic ink. It was lots of fun. The piece up at the top was torn tissue paper that was collaged and then outlined with black ink.


This piece was torn water color paper collaged on a watercolor board and painted with acrylic ink.


She played music for the last two pieces – this one was a jazz piece.


This was done listening to a classical piece.

Here is our art drying on Reva’s deck while we had a delicious lunch.


The next week, I hosted a tour of my studio for area SAQA members. It was fun to show them what can be done in a rather small space.

The most exciting event was a mini Twelve X 12 reunion. Helen, from England was here and Deborah flew up from Texas ans stayd with Kristin. We all went out to dinner and came back to The Congdo for home-made salted caramel ice cream. Here we are, photobombed by Scooter.


I had a piece of silk that was soaked in soda ash before my surgery that I never dyed so I threw some dye on it before it got ruined.


Clay’s mom came from Georgia for a visit and had a great time. One afternoon, Clay, Diane and I went for a boat cruise on the Wilamette. Here we are on our deck one evening.



Last week-end, Mr C and I went to the annual Dahlia festival in Canby. I never knew there were so many varieties and colors.


So, that is what I have been up to. Our 52nd anniversary is on the fifth so we are taking off for a little trip to Bend and Sisters for a couple of days. I will try to be more prompt in posting here. No promises.