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The Metolius River

My daughter, Stephanie, has often told me of the beauty of this area of Oregon. She and her family camp there every year. I knew it was near Sisters.

Then, at the art show last week, one of the artists sold a painting titled, Metolius Light. I had not connected it to the place Steph loves until, I had a conversation with the artist about the painting. She told me it was a river near Sisters that she loves. I said I am going up there next week and I hope to go see it.

The magical thing about this river is how it starts as a spring bubbling up out of the moss. You can see it up there. And then, you look to the right and very soon, it has become a river.

You walk through the Ponderosa Pines and fir trees to find this magical spot.

It is quiet and peaceful except for the musical sound of the bubbling spring and the river flowing into the distance. I was entrance by it and could have stayed there for a long time.

We finally walked back to the cars and drove into Camp Sherman, which is located on the Metolius. It is lined by cabins that you can rent.

I came home and told Mr C that we are going to rent one of those cabins so that I can spend some more time on the Metolius.

Today, I planned to do some gardening. I only got as far as planning how to move my herb garden to planters on the deck. This required some internet searching and a trip to a couple of stores with Mr C. We ordered two of the larger ones from Restoration Hardware. They are made from galvanized sheet metal. I think the will look great on the deck.

Tonight, Jack and M and M came over for dinner. Steph is getting back from a week of work ¬†for 3191 with Maria in Maine late tonight. I haven’t posted a photo of M & M for awhile. They are really growing up so fast.

They are engrossed with the Alchemy app on my iPad.

4 Responses to “The Metolius River”

  1. Judy says:

    We used to stay in Camp Sherman in those cabins when I took classes in Sisters. It truly is a magical place. We used to love to sit by the river in the evening and enjoy a glass of wine. And yes, the head of the Metolius is wonderful. The restaurant used to be fabulous – you’ll have to let me know if it still is!


  2. Susan says:

    The Metolius is part of the project to benefit from the quilt panels that have been made for show and auction near Sisters. I bet you know that ……

    You mentioned moving herbs out of the ground to containers…. you did not mention what kind of herbs… but generally herbs do not like that kind of move….. I would suggest you start with new 4 inch plants from the nursery….

  3. Francoise says:

    Beautiful pictures of the river!
    Yes, M and M are growing up really fast.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  4. Jeannie says:

    That is a gorgeous part of Oregon. Well, truthfully, most of Oregon is gorgeous! I am always amazed at how much M&M have grown.