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This was the week when I was going to hit the studio running and start on some pieces for deadlines coming up next month. Mr C has been in Corvallis since Tuesday so I was looking forward to non-cooking and other partner time. Then, I started to feel blah yesterday and it was worse today.

I did get a drawing done for the mythology theme for the next Twelve reveal. I want to do it in batiks and pulled some from my stash, but I didn’t have just the right mix. This morning, I dragged myself to Fabric Depot and found a 20% off sale on batiks, and I also found the perfect fabrics for my design.

Here is the array of new and old batiks.

And here is a sneak peek. I actually got some fusing done and did some cutting.

And before I crash for the night, here is my 3 x 3 for today.



4 Responses to “Blah!”

  1. Sharon in Chicago says:

    I wish I could banish the blahs for you! They always arrive at the most inopportune time. On a more positive note, love the trunk of your tree — fab fab choice!

  2. Take it easy Gerrie, Don’t forget you ran a marathon last week when Kerr was there. SO, give yourself permission to stick to a walk around the block – so to speak. If your body needs to rest, let it. you will manage better later if you do.
    Sandy in the UK – still relearning this, too!

  3. Francoise says:

    Hope you feel ok today.
    Looking forward to seeing your Twelve piece.
    I haven’t started yet. Just dyed my fabric yesterday.

  4. Jeannie says:

    Feel better, Gerrie. I wish I could drive over and bring you some good cheer. xo