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Light My Fire

I have worked all day on my fire piece using the ¬†fabric I created in Kerr’s workshop. I have had lots of fun playing with design elements.

I placed the fabrics on a black background and they really popped so that was my starting point. (There is something weird going on with this photo. I have had trouble all night uploading photos so it is what it is.) Fixed this one.

I got the idea of over laying linear lines for an abstracted fire visual. I also added a few bits of fabric for sparks. Then, true to form, I over did it. So, tomorrow, I will do some editing on this. (And again, the photo is screwed up – argh!!) Still can’t get this one right


I give up. Here is today’s 3 x3 – wonder what it will look like?

Whoop de doo – no problems with this. Good night!


One Response to “Light My Fire”

  1. Jeannie says:

    Beautiful eye candy tonight! I really like the fabrics you created in your workshop and they really pop on the black. Your 3×3 is neat. I could see it in a larger version. Have a happy hump day!