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Bye-bye September

I didn’t sleep well last night and by the time I was home from church, did some grocery shopping, worked on some SDA e-blasts and harvested veggies from the garden, I was falling asleep on the sofa. I finally roused myself and got to the studio with barely enough time to finish quilting the maverick quilt.

I was inspired by a post on Brenda Smith’s blog¬†where she showed a new quilt edging that she had done with a Janome Horizon foot. I didn’t bother to go look up the blog post. I pulled out my manual and found the overedge foot C which, when you use utility stitch 14, makes a really neat double zigzag edge. So I gave it a try. I really like the effect and it was so easy to do.

I will post the whole quilt tomorrow.

Here is the whole of the red-orange 3 x3’s for September.

Now, on to blue-purple. I wonder what I have in my stash?

One Response to “Bye-bye September”

  1. Jeannie says:

    I think someone sprinkled the sandman’s sleep dust along the Gorge or maybe one of the fire fighting planes spread it. Everyone in our neighborhood is dragging. We were laughing this afternoon that it is sad when you get up and start planning when to take a nap. September looks very pretty. Blue-purple is one of my favorites, so I am looking forward to October. Have a wonderful week. Pleasant dreams.