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Summer Delights

That would be painting t-shirts, eating watermelon, shopping for take out dinner and taking a scooter walk — all with the company of M & M.

Is it possible that five and seven year olds have so much energy at the end of the day because they take yours? M & M came with their little suitcases, early this afternoon. I had prepared some t-shirts for them to paint with Tee-juice markers. Here is Mia working on hers:



Here is Miles’ creation. This must be a formal t-shirt — note the bow tie.


Mia was very interested in the fancy stitches that my Janome makes so I set her up with some fabric and showed her how to program it and away she went.


Later, we took a trip to New Seasons to get some take out food. Thankfully, Mr C came along to keep tabs on the munchkins while I bought food.

Watermelon was on the menu and enjoyed on the deck.


Here is Mia modeling her new tee-shirt. Front and back.



Here is the view from our deck in August. So cool and green. I love it.


They are now bathed and sound asleep, and I am starting to revive.

On a completely different note, this arrived in the mail today. It is a 12 inch square art quilt which I purchased from the SAQA auction.


It is by Elizabeth Fram. Click on her name to go to her website. I love her work. This piece was even better in person.

4 Responses to “Summer Delights”

  1. mary manahan says:


    Betsy Fram was just at my house yesterday! Her work is fantastic, especially seen in person…it’s virtually all done by hand, with subtle texturizing embroidery stitches. AND she is such a lovely, thoughtful and articulate person.

    I am the happy owner of “Climbing Stairs”, which she gave to me a few months ago. You made a wise decision bidding on her work.

  2. Liz Berg says:

    Oh Gerrie, I was watching this piece pretty closely and then you got it before I did! I was really intrigued by it. Enjoy!

  3. karoda says:

    Mia looks fabulous at the sewing machine! How did you like the markers? My grand-petite just left and now I’m going to lay down for a nap.

  4. teri says:

    Looks like fun. I will have my sister’s twin daughters next Saturday night so brother David can go on holiday as planned (bil Steve was supposed to be home but can’t make it so Jamie is staying at the house with my nephew, Monty). This should be interesting because, as you know, I only have experience with raising boys.

    Your back yard looks like a cool, green jungle. Bet it smells good too (I love the smell of green places).

    I sure hope to see my SAQA purchases soon….but they will have to clear customs and I may need to pay some duty on them….then I need to figure out where to hang them. Shouldn’t be too big of a problem as I have lots of wall space!!