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Shake Off Dull Sloth



I am so tired of the long gray, chilly days in here in Portland. It is so hard to get up the energy to do more than the necessary. So, I am really looking forward to getting away on Wednesday. It looks like we will have sun and temperatures in the 70s in Southern California.

I did get some more 3 x 3s up. I hope I have enough room on the design wall to get them all up. I have 20 rows and there should be about  30. I hope to finish tomorrow and then when I get back from my trip, I can start stitching it together once I have finessed the layout.

Here is my drawing for the day. I just noticed that I left off one of the rungs!!  I should do my drawing earlier in the day when I am not so tired!!


Don’t forget to check into the Year of Art American Cancer Society fundraiser tomorrow. Click on the logo on the right.


One Response to “Shake Off Dull Sloth”

  1. Nikki Gamon says:

    I really love how the 3 by 3’s are coming together. A good lesson for me to see something so simple come together to make something so rich and complex.