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Left Brain, Right Brain Day


I had to spend ┬áthe morning doing left brain work, and it was great to spend some time in my studio this afternoon. I made some more “parts” for my next quilt. I love the colors. Here are my scraps which will find their way into the piece, too.



I did 3 drawings this afternoon.

drawing 3-3-13


I tried to draw Scooter while he was chewing a raw hide. It is sort of cartoonish, but I think I will try more of these.




I drew my hand again. This one is better!!

drawing 3-4-13


We had a nice day today – a bit cold, but nice and sunny. Tomorrow is not going to be so nice, cold and rainy. That is March in Portland.


One Response to “Left Brain, Right Brain Day”

  1. Judy says:

    That must be Frieda’s fabrics, right? Yummy!!
    Your sketch of the Scoots made me smile….adorable!! Bosco, even with a rawhide, won’t stay still long enough for me to sketch…..but I will give him time!
    Stay warm and dry……it’s Portland weather here too.