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Mistakes and Fixes

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I have been stitching and beading the blue moon quilt. I really like the stitching, but today, I took off all the beads and am so much happier with it. Photos tomorrow. I have some little circles that were created with a resist when I dyed this piece. They have really faded into the background and I needed to do something with them. I used white beads, but it looked awful . That is what really precipitated the removal of all the beads! I just did some wonky stitching around them.


In fact, a lot more wonky stitching is happening!

I tried to blog yesterday, but my website was down for some reason. We went to the annual Art in the Pearl in downtown Portland yesterday.


I really was not impressed with most of the art and craft.

Even I have decided that Aspens are over done. They were in prints, paintings, glass, everywhere.


Most of the wearable art began to look like the same old things.


I did enjoy checking out all of the demonstrations. This guy who is weaving was lots of fun.


I loved this fused glass art. Very quilty don’t you think?


So besides beading, what other mistakes have I made. Well, I have had one intestinal bug after another for several weeks, sometimes much worse than others. I decided it was not catching because Mr C did not get it. We eat almost the same things except for breakfast when I make a protein powder shake with frozen fruit. I have purchased and picked lots of fruit and vacuumed packed and put it in the freezer. A few weeks ago, I found the freezer door open and every thing had defrosted. It was still cold so I just refroze the fruit because it was going into a shake anyway. Now, I think it may be the culprit. So I have stopped using it and hopefully, I will be aok. It was a very tiresome problem. The funny thing is, I am usually so careful about stuff like that. Mr C? Not so much so of course I get the curse. Thank goodness for Pepto Bismol chewables!

Here is your cuteness for the day. Paige on her new bike! Gaaaa! Isn’t she the cutest?



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  1. Judy says:

    OMG…..she is adorable!!!