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A Crazy, Busy Time


I have so much going on right now. There is very little down time. Tomorrow, at 5 pm, we get the keys and garage door opener for the condo and we no longer will need to be escorted every time we want to go there – yippee! On Tuesday, we are meeting the condo manager to go over some things and I also have an appointment with a decorator to pick out window treatments.

Today, as started moving my stuff to the new studio. The first to go were my Ikea cabinets. They are the heaviest and most difficult of all the stuff to go so it was a relief to get that done.


Just as we were leaving the studio, I looked up and saw this shadow of trees on the wall. A very good omen, I think.


For the last couple of days, I have been trying to get ahead of the game and get my printing done for the Printed Fabric Bee because I am going to be otherwise occupied at the end of the month. The Queen Bee has asked for a woodland/forest motif. We have had a couple of sunny days so I decided to do some sunprinting.

My first attempt looked like this when I put it in the sun.


I didn’t get a photo of the result – only a detail shot.


I thought it needed another layer so I decided to do some printing with fern leaves. First, I painted the fern.


Then I lay it on the fabric and press with tissue paper.




I decided that I had a hot mess. It doesn’t look too bad in this photo, but I decided to do another.


I wanted to do a more foresty color scheme. I mixed blue and orange paint to make brown and added some yellow to the green. The brown was sort of purple so I added yellow.


The resulting sun print is up at the top. I think I will leave it as is! I have to cut a 12 inch square and a 6 inch square. I am happy to have that behind me.

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