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Checking in from Condo Life



I have been too tired most days to blog. This move has been exhilarating and exhausting. The painters finally finished yesterday. It took 4 full days, but not consecutively so we have been in limbo until that was done. The photo above shows the accent color I chose where there used to be hot pink and black. The color is allspice. I am auditioning Lisa’s birch tree painting for that wall. Here is the long view of the hall.


This was all black, even the ceiling and it was like walking through a tunnel! I used a pale, warm yellow, called complexion on the walls.


The bedroom has a really nice soft blue green. We found these glass lamps at Pottery Barn. The new bed has 3 big storage drawers on each side, – found at Crate and Barrel. Today we found a Mid Century walnut dresser for this room.


The dining table is still piled with things to put on shelves and the mantle post painting.


We are starting to hang artwork Here is Mr C putting up our biggest painting. It looks really good in the room. The walls in here were painted a warm white. Except for the fireplace wall and kitchen. We kept the black but changed it to a bluish black called Midnight Magic.


Mr C has his computer set up in the mini office on one side of the fireplace. The doors close when you want to hide it. The tv is on the other sicde and those doors close, too. I think the Robert Motherwell looks fantastic right there.

multipurpose room

Here is the problem room. The multi-purpose room as I call it. We got a new sofa sleeper that looks great with the pale topaz walls. This used to be purple, ceiling and walls. My Horn cabinet to house the Janome is in the back right corner. There is a closet with shelves waiting to be filled.



Scooter is settling in quite well. He gets lots of attention from people on NW 23rd when we go for walks. I found a new groomer for him and he looks very handsome after his doodle cut.



We have great views from out bay window. Sometimes it is cloudy and stormy.


And sometimes it is sunny and clear enough to see Mt. St Helens and Mt Adams. That is the Fremont Bridge.


We are really enjoying our walks and discoveries in our new neighborhood. We can cross the main street and get to Washington Park. There is all kinds of shopping on NW 23rd and gorgeous neighborhoods. We are in the hills so we are either walking up hill when we leave or walking up hill when we come back home. We have met most of our immediate neighbors. All are very nice and many are retired, like us.

I am itching to get to my studio and get it set up and start doing some creative stuff. I am so excited to be signed up for Judy Robertson’s Innovative Dye Techniques class at the Eugene Textile Center May 1-4. It will be a great way to jump back into doing what I love.




10 Responses to “Checking in from Condo Life”

  1. BMGM says:

    Thanks for the in progress photos. I’m gearing up for a move and this is inspirational. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Su Scott says:

    Your paint colors are wonderful… I’m so glad you are now just opening boxes and unpacking…it’s been quite an adventure. Love the pictures and appreciate you sharing your life with us….keep it up.

    One box at a time…one box at a time….. cheers su ‘-}

  3. Judy says:

    Thanks for the grand tour. I loved it! As you know, I love the idea of condo living! You and Steve will never look back!

  4. Kristin Freeman says:

    Gerrie….your transition process has been lovely to observe in photos and words….as you packed up, sold, moved, painted….and the resulting new condo home seems just right…and looks as though you are getting things together in amazingly short order. Having a studio space for your printing and dyeing work is such a great situation, I think…and I look forward to watching your blog for posts of the new work that you will create.

  5. Francoise says:

    It looks lovely.
    Enjoy the new home.
    Scooter looks a bit skinny… Did he worry a lot about moving? 😉

  6. Connie Rose says:

    What a lovely new home! I’m so happy for you. Have a delightful weekend! xo

  7. Susan Ritchie Viegtly says:

    Dear Fellow New Condo owner, thanks for sharing photos and buying info, esp. C&B for storage bed!
    Do you intend to do dying in your new space? Is there another level for it?
    Looks just lovely. Hope you can enjoy it soon.

  8. Ronnie says:

    Thank you for the update. We have downsized and will be moving, so it has been interesting to follow your changes. The new location is beautiful.

  9. Susan says:

    It’s beautiful! I love that allspice and the black walls. And the neighborhood sounds wonderful. All the hassles of house-hunting seem to have been well worth it. Congratulations on taking such a big, exciting step!

  10. Jacquie Scuitto says:

    Thanks for the tour to satisfy our curiosity. Glad your move has gone so smoothly and that you have found such a satisfying abode. Can it really be this perfect?