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Keeping Busy!


This is my larger than life Picasso woman. The original file was rasterized and printed on 20 sheets of legal size paper. She is going to be one of my entries for the What’s Blue to You show. I originally created her as an etching when I lived in North Carolina, where I took a print making class.


I eventually made her in fabric.



I made a modern day version of her, as me.


So, now, I plan to turn her into blue Picasso woman, larger than life. I wanted to use a pale shade of blue for her face and neck and didn’t have a large enough piece so I quickly dyed some.


I was going to go out and buy batiks for the hair, but on second thought, I felt that I should print some fabric – some dark blue with orange red highlights. I used russet metallic paint.


I used my wavy wood block.



And sequin waste.


And a Stencil girl stencil.



I created patterns using freezer paper by tracing from the large print out. It will be relatively easy to do the eyes nose and mouth. My next decision is what to use for the background. I think I want to bring in some other colors for fun – maybe a Picassoish cubist background!!

I am having fun and learning how to work in my smaller space. I can not leave things out. Every thing has to be put away when I am done and moving to the next phase. When I took Judy Robinson’s class last month, I found a new clean up tool to have in the studio. Baby wipes, if used soon, will clean up dye and acrylic paint from your skin.


Last night, Mr C and I took the street car over the river to the venue for the High Fiber Diet show, Simply Red, which is at the Architectural Heritage Center. Here are a couple of scenes from the exhibit and reception.


You can see my moonstruck piece in this shot.


I have been doing lots of walking – yesterday, I walked to my studio and back home. I did over 8000 steps before lunch! In the afternoon, I got some training on the SDA website. I am going to start helping with membership stuff. It will add a few hours to my work load with them, but I think it is manageable.

That is all for now. Enjoy your weekend.


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