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Day Two With Wendy Huhn

It was a very long, busy day. A lot of work today had to be done with a respirator on the roof of the building — three flights up. We ran up and worked between rain drops. Today there was a big todo around Portland as there was a simulated dirty bomb explosion and a test for firs responders. So there we were on the roof with our respirators and a police helicopter hovered over us, perhaps wondering what we were up to!!

Our first mission was to soak our gel transfer pieces and remove the paper. Here is one of mine soaked and ready to peel.

Using a sponge, you start removing the paper.

Here it is, rubbed and dried with my other gel transfers to fabric.

Clock wise from the upper right: a magazine image on white cotton, photocopies on white cotton, laser printed photo on dyed silk, paperless paper on silk organza.

You can also layer gel on images, letting it dry between layers and you end up with a kind on acrylic decal that can be glued and stitched to your work. Here are the decals that I made.

Clockwise, magazine photo, paperless paper, photocopy and paperless paper with tinted gel.

My favorite is this fluffy dandelion decal made from a laser photo print.

Today we worked with the chemicals, Xylene and Citrasolve, which actually contains xylene. These are the transfers I did with the xylene pen. The ginko leaves are on cotton and the other leaf is on silk organza.

I have worked with Citrasolve before, but never this way. We transferred color photos and magazine pictures to fabric.

The dandelion is a laser color print on silk charmeuse. The tropical fish is a magazine photo transferred to look like a colored pencil drawing. The other is from a sheet of copyright free work that Wendy gave us. I think they are color laser copies. It is on dyed silk.

This afternoon, we used her copy machine, named Pokey. We photocopied on to fabric. The top two are copied on to cotton.

These are copied to printed commercial fabric.

Mr C picked me up at 4:30 and we had an early dinner before going to EFM at Trinity. It has been a long day, and I need to print some transparencies to use tomorrow.

4 Responses to “Day Two With Wendy Huhn”

  1. It was great meeting you in the class – and cool to see how to describe/document the process! I’m going to keep an eye on your blog and see how you end up using the dandelion images . . .YUMMY!

  2. dee says:

    You are wonderwoman. I’m having fun just watching you have fun. Glad you’re enjoying your class-I haven’t a clue as to what’s going on here but I’m fascinated and waiting for the outcome in your work. I know it will be great.

  3. Judy says:

    I am so impressed!!! What a great day you had…I can’t imagine doing all of that and then going to EFM! I think your name is WonderWoman!!


  4. Jeannie says:

    Wow! You had a busy workshop with really neat results! I did giggle at the image of you all atop the roof with the helicopters. Have fun tomorrow! Cheers.