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Thursday This and That

Can you believe that it is November and 3 weeks until turkey day? October was fantastic. I had so much going on and had a ton of fun, but deadlines are looming and I MUST get back to work.

The IQA show is now going on in Houston so I can show you my 2007 journal quilt. This year (the last year), we made only one quilt, but it is twice the size of previous years — 11 X 17. We had to do three techniques from the journal quilt book. I did a surface design sampler of architectural grids. If you follow my blog at all, you know that I love photographing grids, especially in the cityscape.


The large grid was a discharge piece, using masking tape on a silk screen. In the upper right corner is a photo of the space needle reflected in a high rise building and printed on organza. The turquoise grids are thermofax screens made from photos of the grid work in the Seattle library. The photo of the Seattle skyline was taken from the ferry. I altered it in Photoshop. The window like grids were screen printed with found objects. I had a lot of trouble with the layout of this and just decided to look at it as a sampler! You can see my complete artist’s statement by clicking on the journal quilt link above. Then click on the thumbnail of this year’s quilt.

Here are some details:



Today, we had our monthly STASH meeting at Linda’s house. It is always so rewarding for me to spend time with these friends, talking about our lives — creative and otherwise. Today, they made me feel so happy as we discussed a problem that I thought I alone had. Duh – I am not alone. Linda made us a wonderful lunch. She has two curious cats. I swear that they were listening to our conversation. Look at this one posing for us.


We are having beautiful fall weather here in Portland. I am enjoying it immensely. I am having mixed feelings about the daylight change this week-end. It will be easier to wake up if it is a little lighter, but the early evening darkness puts a damper on my afternoon walks. I will persevere!

5 Responses to “Thursday This and That”

  1. jenclair says:

    Love the journal quilt and the way the discharge pieces fit the cityscape!

  2. Judy says:

    Your JQ is GREAT!! I totally forgot that I could now post pics of mine….duhhhhh!
    Your Stash group is like my SPA group…very therapeutic and inspirational! Love the kitty cat pic!


  3. dee says:

    I enjoyed seeing how this turned out-Roger, who has been there several times to board ships for Alaska, REALLY likes it. He loves things with this type of architectural aspect. Have fun at your Stash meeting.

  4. Vicki W says:

    I’m doing the quilt tour at the show today so will be on the lookout for your peices!

  5. Kathie says:

    Great looking journal quilt, Gerrie–I really like the spare architectural lines of it and the varying scales of the grids.