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Gathering Stuff

Yesterday, I went to my new studio to get some things done for a couple of projects I am planning to do. I gathered some of my more heavy weight scraps and fabrics to piece for making the oven mitts. I also, pulled out some of my hand-dyed silk fabric to use for Laura Wasalowski’s silk stitch along.  We were to fuse the silk to wool batting. I didn’t have any so I used wool felt for one piece and a scrap of something that looked like it would be easy to stitch through. I prepared two backgrounds because I like to practice on one.

I also pulled out all of my Perle cotton in sizes 8 and 12. I am missing some colors I think I might want to use. I will need to go down the hill to In Stitches and do some shopping.

I didn’t accomplish much today because I was feeling a bit slammed. I went back to boot camp at the condo gym yesterday morning, and we did weight training. I am feeling it today plus the really cold weather we are having is aggravating my sinuses.

Last night I started a great class at Trinity – 4 weeks of studying the work of Bach. The teacher is an organ virtuoso and a Bach expert. We sat around our beautiful organ as he demonstrated many parts of a famous Bach toccata and fugue.  I took some photos of the organ and the Christmas decorations.

Some of you may remember the quilt I made from a photo I took of the pipes.

One Response to “Gathering Stuff”

  1. Kristin Freeman says:

    Nice to see again the piece you made from inspiration from the pipes…and the photos of the organ are beautiful. Some of my best personal memories are singing in churches with magnificent pipe organs.
    Have fun with the silk stitch along..it is a project I, too, am doing.