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More Making While Snowed In

We are hoping that this is our last day of below freezing weather. We are due for warmer temps and torrential rains and flooding, now. I guess I am glad we live on a hill! We did get out and about this week-end. We found that our car, which has 4 wheel drive, handles the snowy and icy roads quite well.

I finished the Arty Oven Mitts that I started. They needed a binding around the opening.

I also have made some good progress on knitting two more pink pussy hats. I think I can finish them by Saturday. I made the ribbing white for one of them because I did not have enough yarn of that color for a whole hat. I think it will look great.

I have made progress on the Silk Stitch Along with Laura Wasalowski. First is my practice piece. Just a reminder that I am using the same colors on each piece. They look so different in some cases.

Tomorrow, I am going to do some work on my Indigo Moon house. It needs a more rigid interior. Here is a photo of it. We are going to share 3-D work at a SAQA meeting on Wednesday.



2 Responses to “More Making While Snowed In”

  1. Your indigo moon house looks really good. Is it just a decorating piece? It is fit a for a shelf or needs to be hanged?

  2. Elizabeth Bamberger says:

    Gerrie, if you ever decide to market arty oven gloves, please put me at the head of the list to buy some. They are fabulous! And so creative to think of this.