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Going Pro and Having Fun

I just found out from one of the jurors of the O’Hanlon show that I am the only one to have sold a quilt so far. Yee Ha!! Granted it was the smallest and least expensive, but I’m thrilled.

Today, I did graduate work in Mrs. Mel’s class. I did a version of one of Ton Schulten’s simpler landscapes.

Here it is:


Looks better in person!!

Mrs. Mel in charge:


Here are some quilts from the International show:

This was a whole cloth quilt with these wonderful painted motifs with an embellished center.





It is not always about the color!!



I just love Pam in Can’s quilts. (Pamela Allen)



This was not in the international show – I think she is from CA. That shimmery sunset is all done with metallic thread – really nice,


Here are Diane and Mrs. Mel enjoying a Margarita at El Torito.


Tomorrow I am taking machine quilting with Mrs. Mel and she says I will see a different person – she really cracks the whip!!


6 Responses to “Going Pro and Having Fun”

  1. rayna says:

    Woo hoo, Gerrie!!!! How exciting to have sold a piece! I’m so pleased for you — and it’s well deserved.

  2. Deborah says:

    Yippee! Congratulations. Isn’t it a great feeling? Never mind it was the cheapest… someone wanted it! The Frayed Edges saw that first quilt at the show in Manchester and we all adored it. It is so magnificent in person. It’s a great example of using lots of glitz and interesting fibers and not overdoing it. I loved seeing it again on your blog.

  3. Robin says:

    Great job on selling your quilt! Thanks for the pictures of the quilts. Love the color!

  4. Jen Anderson says:

    Congratulations on selling that quilt, and I love what I can see of the new landscape quilt. Thanks so much for sharing your trip.I REALLY have to go next year. Jen

  5. DebR says:

    Love seeing more of the quilts and congrats on your sale! Yay you!!!

    Also, I really like your class project. Hope you had a margarita too!

  6. mary manahan says:


    Congratulations on the sale! Your Ton Schulton piece is magnificent! What a great show, one day I’ll make it out there. Thanks for posting the pix