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It’s A Tie

So far, my Chocolate Love quilts are in a tie so I am just going to let well enough alone and keep the original one in the 12 X 12 challenge. Someone, in the comments, mentioned that number 2 was pieced. Just want to make clear that this was a totally photoshopped whole cloth quilt. No piecing was done.

And, it looks like a tie in the Super Tuesday voting. What an exciting evening. I am feeling that Obama has lots of momentum going in to the remaining primaries.

Today, I spent some time planning the art cloth piece that I am doing for Jane Dunnewold’s challenge. I can’t show you what I am doing, but I will tell you. I received a 2 1/4 yard length of silk that was dyed blue with some circles that had been tied in the fabric before dyeing. Today, I cut off 1/4 of a yard and cut it in to 8 pieces which I tied and clamped.


I mixed up orange, rust orange, red, bright green and avocado. Tomorrow, I will wash them and try to decide which overdyeing color I want to do.

While I had dyed mixed up, I put some in squirt bottles and dyed some silk scarves.



I put them in my furnace room to cure because the temperature is warmer in there. Hope I have some good results tomorrow.

I also ordered some vintage Japanese textiles for a commission piece. I won this auction 3 hours after I found it on E-bay. Isn’t this gorgeous.


I also did 3 exercises for Liz’s class. This week our topic is Movement, Size/Scale and Pattern/Texture as design elements.

6 Responses to “It’s A Tie”

  1. Judy says:

    OOOOOOOOOweeeeeeeeeee: I love that Japanese fabric!


  2. dee says:

    That Japanese cloth is amazing. I like the green and red piece as well-a lot!
    You always come up with something wonderful-can’t wait.
    I’d like to apologize for the entire state of NY but I think we all saw this one coming. California was a surprise though.

  3. jenclair says:

    The Jane Dunnewold Challenge should produce something interesting. Can’t wait to see!

    Love the E-Bay piece…just gorgeous.

  4. Diane D. says:

    Well you’ve certainly been busy! Looks like fun.

  5. PaMdora says:

    wow that cloth is amazing! What are you going to do with it??

  6. You’re making Smurfs for the challenge, right?