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That Crazy Woman Named Geraldine

The content of this post has been moved to my new political blog. The comment from my very good friend June has prompted me to find a more “appropriate” spot for my occasional ranting.

I just want to say that perhaps I lost it when I wrote that post, but I am not alone. I recommend taking nine minutes of your time to listen to the commentary by Keith Obermann last night.  Or, read this editorial on the Daily Kos.

10 Responses to “That Crazy Woman Named Geraldine”

  1. June says:


    When I reread what i wrote I see I was too strong. What I really want to beg for (and I do mean “beg”) is civility. Your strength is in your passion — I hope you continue to harness the passion for good, not for malice.

    Thank you for not going ballistic over my comments; they came out of my own passion, which is a passion for democracy and for thoughtful judgments and for not being conned by ours and other’s worst instincts.

    I didn’t want to be one of those who “lack all conviction.” We will have to live with whomever gets nominated and whomever gets elected. Let’s be sure we don’t talk ourselves out of being able to do so graciously (that is, if a certain you-know-who-Porgy-pie doesn’t declare himself emperor for all times — then I don’t think civility and graciousness have anything to do with it )

  2. June says:


    I think you are in league with the Republicans. Nothing they like better than to make sure that no black and no woman gets elected. If Clinton’s camp has made these comments, think about Obama’s camp making comments about Clinton getting the old women!

    I feel really bad that you are continuing the canards that serve no one but McCain. The analysis of demographics, as Obama has himself said, is one that all campaigns have to deal with and they do so forthrightly.

    I am feeling sick at reading your blog comments on the campaign and have been thinking that I I should stop reading your blog. I believe you have been hornswoggled and are aiding the Bush camp.

    But then I think that silence is exactly to the liking of the worst elements: “the best lack all conviction, the worst are full of passionate intensity” — that was William Butler Yeats, but often I think that the arousal of passions about molehills, when we need to be thinking about real issues and competencies and visions, is the worst we can do. And you feed it here on your otherwise charming and delightful blog. It is unlike you, this kind of nastiness.

  3. kathy says:

    I’m fired up about this too. I told my mom about your post where you stated you were an Obama Mama. We’ve been proclaiming the same since 😉 I want a shirt that says “Give ’em hell Gerrie!”.

  4. PaMdora says:

    The clinton campaign is definitely taking the low road. Too bad for her.

  5. judy Perez says:

    I agree, I am annoyed by this mentality that not voting for Hilary is anti feminist. I think they are trying to guilt women into voting for her. I think the best person should be elected not “one of my own”.

  6. teri says:

    Dear Heart, If Obama doesn’t get elected I am moving to Canada permanently and am even willing to shell out the $150,000 to get my citizenship (have to buy my way in due to age)….


  7. karoda says:

    I really would like to hear from feminists voices (or should I say womanists voices) who really do get it and understand and refuse to be played or pawns for the Clinton Campaign. Such hurtful words from both Ferraro and Steinheim

  8. Claudia Hill says:

    Oh my God, you said exactly what my husband and I have been saying. We get so angry at Hillary’s dirty tricks. Also, the feeling of entitlement she seems to have. Why? Because she was the first lady? Then Laura Bush should also be running for President. And Bill seems to be so desperate to get back in the White House, he’ll do or say anything. I was so angry last night that I left a comment on Hillary’s web site, saying that I had lost all respect for her and that if by some horrible chance she becomes the nominee, I would not vote for her.

    Then, of course, my husband and I can’t sleep because we’re too worked up.


  9. Fitzy says:

    And to put it another way…if Obama ISN’T the candidate, I’m NOT voting for President period.

    I’ve got HOPE fever.

  10. Andee says:

    I agree the dirtiness coming out of the Clintons is getting old, I am tired of both of them in more ways than I can outline without writing a book. The only thing that could stop Obama now is a backroom deal, or if he wins the nomination and is silly enough to let the democratic party convince him to run with “her” as the VP. (I sure wouldn’t advise him to sleep with both eyes closed if he does tries running with her). If she is on the ticket anywhere, I’m staying home (to pack for my move out of the country). I am embarrassed to admit my daughter Ramie is a devout Bill Clinton fan, but then she has an excuse, she has 43 MS lesions in her brain. To her credit she has moments of clarity, so she gets what Hillary is all about, and she is not the least bit interested in seeing Hillary in the Whitehouse…thank gawd. If that changes for any reason, I assume they still frown on me killing one of my own children don’t they?