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A Self-Portrait

I have been asked to send a photo of myself in my studio along with my piece for the PAQASouth Art Quilts Culture exhibit. I put my camera in the tripod and set the timer and got some photos of myself at my sewing machine. You get to vote for your favorite.

This is my favorite.


This one has a bit of a smile.


And this one is quite goofy, I think. Who sits at their sewing machine with a goofy grin like that?

I had a lot of face time with M & M this week-end. The whole family came for dinner on Friday night. Last night, they came and spent the night so that Steph could hear her BFF Tift Merritt sing at the Doug Fir Lounge. Tift was her maid of honor when she and Jack got married in NC.

I also spent some time looking at tiles and bathroom fixtures. I am going in a whole new direction with the tiles. This is a photo of the bathroom tiles that I took at the new Museum of Contemporary Crafts. It turns out that this was designed by Kelly at the tile store. It uses the large rectangle tiles with this complementary linear mosaic. It turns out that they can put together a mosaic like this with almost any colors you want. So, I am in the process of selecting colors so that they can make me a sample. I have a very cool idea for how to use it in our renovation without costing us way too much.


We had a couple of days of really warm and sunny weather. I was almost not ready for it to get so hot so fast. I have really become an Oregonian. Not to fear, I think we get snow flurries on Tuesday.

22 Responses to “A Self-Portrait”

  1. debra says:

    I love the goofy smile! The serious face just scared me. I wondered why you were mad at me. But I suppose for a show I’d go with #2.

  2. Sally Morris says:

    Definitely the middle one. It shows off your vivacious personality and the fun person you are. Sally Morris

  3. Marlene says:

    I like the last one

  4. glennis says:

    new to your blog here and just discovering all your wonderful work! Of course your reputation precedes you and I hope to take a workshop one day. I was going to vote for your favorite as I think you ought to present the image of yourself that feels most comfortable to you. I do understand the desire for a more PR-y photo though….I’d still go against the grain here and vote for your favorite- whatever that may be.

  5. Diane D. says:

    I like #2. Those tiles look very interesting – can’t wait to see the colors you choose.

  6. Judy says:

    Gosh, have the polls closed yet???? I suppose it doesn’t really matter as I’m also pulling for #2. You look like a stern school marm in numero uno!

    Love your tee…..and also your small piece in the background!


  7. Reva says:

    I like #1, but I think someone has to know you to get the not-fierce behind it. #3 is out of the question, imo, though, again, if someone knows you they’ll know it’s you putting on a too-goofy look, and not you BEING goofy. So this is my long-winded way of voting for #2.

    I was at Contemporary Craft last Thursday and meant to mention the bathroom tile to you, especially when I noticed the Pratt & Larson notice!

  8. Chris says:

    I like the middle one too..

  9. Jen Anderson says:

    Do you want to look fierce and serious (#1), friendly (#2), or giddy (#3)? You look great in all of them. Love the glasses. Jen

  10. Darla says:

    The smiling ones!

  11. dee says:

    ditto from me on #2- although I like the “art is business” look of the first one.

  12. Dale Anne says:

    I like the middle one also…….!!!

  13. Deborah says:

    Oh they all look great! You look like your artwork — colorful and energetic. I like the third one because your head doesn’t blend in with the thread board in the background.

  14. I like #2 — a small contented smile.

  15. KathieB says:

    Yup, the middle one. You look great.

  16. I love the middle one Gerrie. I think the small smile just adds the perfect touch.

  17. Larkin Van Horn says:

    You may think it’s a goofy grin, but I really like it. Open, friendly, obviously happy about what you’re doing.

  18. PaMdora says:

    I like the one with the nice friendly grin!

  19. Natalya says:

    ditto for the second one.. although I do like the goofy one too…

  20. Terri says:

    I agree with Kristin, I pick the middle photo.

  21. Definitely the middle one. The first one looks like you are an angry artist.

  22. Kristin L says:

    My vote is for the middle one — I like the little bit of smile. You should look like you’re enjoying making art, right?