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Good Riddance to a Bad Day

Thank you to everyone who voted for which photo to send to the PAQA show. I was amused at how many of you thought the first picture was angry or scary. You should see me when I am really angry!! Here is the photo that I sent. I retook my picture today. I decided I wanted a solid top, in my favorite color and I actually did my hair and put on some makeup. I hope I am smiling enough for all of you.

I  have had one of those days where too many things have gone wrong!! I needed to ship the Fragments quilt to North Carolina today. I had to update my resume, print out a photo,  make some new business cards, fashion a rod per their instructions and make a new label. I also planned to go to the tile store to select my final colors for the bathroom tile and to pick up a supply of fruits and veggies at my fave organic store.

I couldn’t get a good print of my photo because one printer needs a new color cartridge and the other needed head cleaning. Got that done. I started to print my FedEx labels for shipping and return shipping. Since my last shipping, they have changed the layout and method of inputting data and printing a label. I could not get the d___ thing to print. I e-mailed help. I tried calling help, but Mr C was on the phone. Then as I was about to smash my monitor, I figured it out.

Last week, I received a shipment of boxes and self-stick sleeves for the labels. I could not find the box of sleeves. I looked in every room, every closet, in the garage, in the storage room in the basement. They are not to be found. So, in frustration, I used the clear tape dispenser which usually makes a mess.

By now it is quarter to five. I had to get to the FedEx drop off and get to the market. Forget the tile today. When I left the market, I must have dropped my wallet in the parking lot cause when I got home, my purse was very light. So back to the store in a panic. I saw the two guys who had pulled in next to me as I was leaving. They recognized me and asked if I had lost my wallet!!!! I could have given them both big kisses, but I probably would have frightened them to death. They had turned my wallet in to the store.

I came home and crashed with a glass of wine before I could think about making dinner. How was your day?

13 Responses to “Good Riddance to a Bad Day”

  1. Jan says:

    I like this one. You look friendly and intelligent and really rather beautiful.

  2. debra says:

    THAT’S the Gerrie I wanted to see! Much better than any of the earlier photos.

  3. PaMdora says:

    I like your glasses Gerri!

  4. Natalya says:

    great picture!

  5. Sally Morris says:

    Thank goodness about your wallet! Mine was stolen from my purse at Safeway two days before I was leaving for Asilomar. What a hastle to cancel cards, replace driver’s license, and even try to remember what was in the wallet besides the cash for the trip. Then, two weeks later, the library between Safeway and my house called. Someone had found the wallet, in tact minus the cash. No fingerprints could be found. Memo to all: put everything in your wallet on your copier and make copies of both sides. Add the numbers to call the credit reporting bureaus. Keep in a safe place. You’ll save lots of time in case your wallet is ever lost. Glad you are wearing lime in your new picture. It is one of my favs too.

  6. Judy says:

    Dear Skinny Lady,

    You don’t even look like the friend I used to know! LOL

    The change in tops in the photo is perfect! And your smile is so engaging!

    I’m sorry that your day was such a bummer. I hope that your life never gets more complicated than that.


  7. Karoda says:

    I didn’t get here to weigh in on the previous photos but yes! this one is definitely better!

    Now, I hope you’re having a better day…if not, try more wine!

  8. Reva says:

    Really! I commiserate with you on your bad day, but at least you got your wallet back!

  9. jenclair says:

    Great picture! After the fear of the missing wallet, to find that it had been turned in to the store is certainly uplifting!

  10. Kristin L says:

    The day may have been trying, but it doesn’t show in the photo. The simpler background and shirt are a good change,and who doesn’t like a smile?!

  11. You are so cute. It’s a great picture.

  12. Kathie says:

    This picture is perfect. You look like you’re having a wonderful time.

    Sorry about your bad day. As to how things are here–EVERYTHING is looking better with the coming of spring. Even the potholes don’t seem as bad when the sun is shining.

  13. dee says:

    what a day you had. Hope things are better today. Love the lime sweater. That’s very, very, Gerrie!