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Is it Monday?

I had sort of a lost week-end. I didn’t do much. Had some SDA website stuff to take care of. I started some preliminary work on the 12 X 12 challenge – water, but I can’t show that yet. The weather has not been conducive to lots of energetic activities. We actually had some hail and snow flurries.

Steve lugged rocks from the stone yard to our house in the back of the Jeep. So the fountain is looking better and sounding lovely. The water has cleared up and the bubbles on the surface are mesmerizing.

Since I have  no eye candy to show, here is a photo from my daughter Lisa’s kitchen. Her kitchen is featured on Design Sponge today. Go take a look! Everything she does, she does with style!

I am off to  make lasagna for a potluck tonight. I am trying a slow cooker recipe. Have a good day.

4 Responses to “Is it Monday?”

  1. dee says:

    Lisa’s kitchen is outstanding. What a happy place. Thanks for the link

  2. Judy says:

    When I saw the fountain pics yesterday (when checking your blog for an update), I didn’t notice that the water was clear, and thought you hadn’t posted since last week! Duhhh!!

    Loved seeing Lisa’s kitchen on Design Sponge! The plate arrangement over her table must have taken forever to figure out and hang!


  3. Liz Berg says:

    this fountain is absolutely wonderful! I want one in my back yard….woe is me…

  4. Gerrie,

    Thanks for all of the help in surprising kristin. Her socks were knocked off!