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My Exciting LIfe – Ha!

I have a few things to talk about; you can skim through and skip the boring stuff, if  you want.

Vineyard Postcard: The 12 X 18 inch vineyard postcard is done. It was difficult to quilt because we were asked not to add a backing. It was to be finished with just batting and the top. I wanted to do some extensive thread work and it just didn’t want to go through the machine smoothly. I figured that if I put stabilizer on it, I would still have something too thick for the end result which is to be collaged to a quilted backing. We were also told not to finish the edges. So here it is:


Selling the House: The Realtor with the clients who might be interested  in our house came and previewed it on Wednesday and thought it would be a good fit. They apparently are quite wealthy (his words) and own several homes. They are In Palm Desert and coming back to the area early next week and will come to look at the house on Wednesday. Hope this works out and that they don’t need to move in before April 1 – our target date to move.

Guild Meeting:  Thursday was guild program meeting. The very talented Marcia Stein lectured and showed her quilts. Afterwards, Janet and I went out to lunch and then I got my hair cut. That makes me laugh because it has grown out quite a bit and several people at guild told me how much they like it!!

Dirty Work:
I hate housework. I love to do things that mess up a house – like cooking and quilting. I used to have cleaning help, but when Mr. C retired, he said he didn’t want to deal with cleaning people coming in and he would do it. Well, as you can imagine; this has not been a good arrangement. We are now paying the price. Today, I tackled the ovens. I have an electric convection wall oven. This one is a no-brainer; press clean and press start and three hours later – a clean oven. I did do the racks with oven cleaner. The other oven is in a six-burner, stainless steel Dynasty gas range. I do my messiest cooking in there. So I had to use the dreaded oven cleaner. It looks pretty good.

While I tackled the ovens, Mr. C pressure washed the front walk and drive-way and the patios in the back. Yesterday, he took all the extra stuff from the house to a storage unit. We laugh when we look around at our bare house. Mr. C says it looks like we bought a big house and then couldn’t afford to furnish it!

Political Rant:  Thanks to list mom, Diane, for taking care of the political rant post for me. She has an excellent post about the increasing incursions on our civil rights.

In the Mail: My bag of stuff buddy, Linda Cline, sent me this postcard.


When we did the bag o’ stuff challenge on the Quiltart list, I received her bag and made the Technicolor Sunflowers quilt for her. She wrote an article for American Quilter about the challenge, and I believe it is in the latest issue. So I will have another one of my creations in a publication – yeah! – Thanks, Linda. And thanks for the beautiful card.

To Do: My next activity will be to watch the Book of Daniel. Love the show: those are my peeps!! Tomorrow, I want to get caught up with some homework for my Pointless Sister’s class and perhaps continue the next Color and Composition exercise. Mr. C is out of town again. He will be back tomorrow night. His birthday is Sunday and he told me I was not to post any pictures of him. Do you think I will listen to him? I have some really cute pictures of him when he was a kid in Indiana.

4 Responses to “My Exciting LIfe – Ha!”

  1. patricia says:

    thx for that link to diane — i’d put a link last week on my blog (to a newspaper article which will soon be a dead link, so now i can link to diane instead) — i was outraged natch, is anyone paying attention?!!? or do they just not care? handmaid’s tale (margaret atwood book) here we come…

  2. Mary Manahan says:


    Your Vineyard Postcard is gorgeous!

  3. Micki says:

    Love your vineyard and the postcard from Linda. I really like The Book of Daniel also. Good luck with your house.

  4. DebR says:

    Your vineyard piece turned out great, Gerrie!