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Getting Back on Track

Today, I watched Coretta Scott King’s memorial service. So many of the speakers either made me cry or jump up and shout amen. Then you had to occasionally catch the smirk on our president’s face as he sat center stage, and it just would make me so mad. He just doesn’t get it. I was most impressed with messages from Maya Angelou and Bill Clinton. Later, I watched the Jim Lehr News Hour which had over 30 minutes of an interview with "talk out of the side of your mouth" Cheney. Can you believe anything that man says?  I just had to have this mini rant.

I have been working on a miniature prototype of the liturgical commission. This is done in cotton; the final piece will be done in hand-dyed silk, and I want to know what I am doing. They want a rainbow effect with the crosses on it, similar to the one I did for the Straight and Narrow challenge on Quiltart. The final piece will  be 7.5 feet square. So I have been cutting little squares of fabric and laying them out on a grid that I drew on batting. I am not totally happy with the layout. I have to do some fine tuning in the red/orange/magenta area. These squares are 1/1/2 inches finished. The final piece will have 3 or 4 inch squares.


I have to fuse them down. Then each section will be pillowcased ala Mrs. Mel and quilted. Then I will fuse on the crosses and satin stitch the edges. I am doing it in three parts because I think it will be easier to quilt the final piece.

Look at what I have! Do  you think this is how Mrs. Mel got started with her match stick series? You gotta do something with them!


My studio is such a mess because I couldn’t find a periwinkle blue that worked. I was pulling out bins of fabrics from everywhere. I finally used the backside of a print.

4 Responses to “Getting Back on Track”

  1. DebR says:

    Ooooooh, pretty pictures!! Can’t wait to see the silk version.

  2. Karoda says:

    if anyone is interested, excerpts from the funeral can be heard or viewed at democracynow.org

    looking forward to seeing this piece documented…that quilting in sections is interesting.

  3. Kathie says:

    I’m always reminded of Anne Lamott’s description of Bush and his “turtle-y smirk”.

    And this prototype looks good enough to go out on the town on its own, IMHO.

  4. Elle says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished version of this!