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Want to Have an Opinion?

I was not thrilled with my prototype that I posted yesterday. It was what I thought I wanted to do, but it looked somewhat trite to me and did not have that painterly feel that the original design had. It can be seen here. I am so glad that I am doing this exercise of working out the design. I rearranged the squares today in a vertical orientation. I don’t have a design wall anymore; I am using the floor. The photos are a little wonky. Here is the latest arrangement:


I need to play with the squares a little more. I introduced a lighter hot pink in the warm color area to give some value change. Remember that once this is fused, rainbow crosses will be added to the mix.

So, if you are so inclined, I am open to having your opinion about the two layouts. I may ignore it, but go ahead and tell me what you think. The colors are representative of the final piece. I will meticulously choose the colors and dye the silk to get a nice gradation of colors.

7 Responses to “Want to Have an Opinion?”

  1. Linda Cline says:

    I was liking the last one, but am liking this one even more. My first reaction also was that is somewhat static. But I like the light in the center. I would carry some green over in the blue panel the same way that you have some red in the purple panel. Perhaps with cross color and placement you can get some diaganol movement.

  2. Jen Anderson says:

    The vertical arrangement is working and the hot pink adds the contrast you were looking for. I also like the idea of the theme of “light” being emphasized(which I see). The whole thing will look different with the addition of the crosses.

    In your place, I would think about what you want to emphasize thematically. Refuge, comfort and strength (a more static and stable design), joy, passion, the holy spirit (a design that has more swirl and motion). All of the above? Not so easy. Jen

  3. KT says:

    I like the newer layout. Also I like how it looks like the yellow is in the foreground. Makes me think of “going toward the light”, which for a church is probably a good thing 🙂

  4. I’m liking the vertical arrangement; big improvement over the diagonal. And I LOVE the hot pink. Perhaps to loosen it up, the colors could migrate into their neighbors randomly, ie: a couple of purples in the green, some turquoise in the orange, etc. The crosses will help too, I’m sure.

  5. DebR says:

    I love the addition of the pink fabric, but am not crazy about the vertical arrangement. Is there a way to split the difference between the extreme vertical arrangement and the extreme diagonal? Like maybe on the vertical arrangement the colors could start to “drift” to the right a bit as they head toward the bottom, but not so much that it makes a true 45-degree angle.

  6. debra roby says:

    My reactions are similar to Cathy’s.. the first was “precious” and this is kind of static. Actually, looking at it, I though well the colors are almost contained on each panel, so it would be easy to machine quilt.

    Maybe if the colors played a little across the 3 panels? Or is that what the crosses will do? Represent the colors that are not in the panel?

    There is too much of a separation between the green and yellow.. but I’m sure that will addressed in your final silk color selection…

  7. Funky C says:

    My *opinion*, for what it’s worth:

    -In the diagonal arrangement, I like the way the colors play across the three panels. But I too had a response that ‘trite’ design thing.
    -The most recent version is good, but maybe a bit static? I followed your link to the original banner and noticed that the colors seem to twist together up the banner. Is there a way you could get that same sense of motion going across these panels?
    -Love the in your face rainbow colors. Will look great in church.