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This and That

Where have I been? I have been working in the studio. I finished Urban Sunlight (new name) and I have been playing with a piece I am calling Red Sky. Here is a very preliminary layout that I started with.

I have actually started the quilting on the final design.

I am feeling soooo much better since I stopped walking the stubborn old lady dog, Maggie. And, guess what? She is happier, too. I thought I was doing her a favor – dragging her on those long walks. Here is something else that I acquired yesterday that I am loving and is helping my body feel better, too.

These are BMT shoes. I went to The Walking Store to get new shoes and saw these strange looking and very pricey shoes. They are made to simulate walking barefoot in sand. I think it feels like walking on a trampoline. You cannot lock your knees. You are required to have good posture and you use your muscles more efficiently and put less strain on the joints. I love them. They are pretty funny looking. Here is a LINK if you want to find out more about these shoes.

This is filed under: Show Me Yours and I’ll show You Mine. My friend, Terry, recently posted her collection of Political Buttons she found when packing to move to her new home. I have a collection that has moved to several homes with me. I just added a new Obama button to it and I am waiting form my  Obama/Biden to show up soon. the only Republican button I have is Ike. I think he was the last decent Republican president that we have had. You can see that I have a lot of Bill Clinton buttons. It was the first time I actively worked in a campaign. He greatly disappointed me.

Mr C and I were married on Labor Day Week-end 44 years ago. This year it came so early that our anniversary isn’t until next week-end – Friday to be exact. Steph and Jack are going away for the week-end so M & M are going to take us out to dinner on Friday night.

In light of McCain’s VP pick, I have been amusing myself coming up with his cabinet, should he get elected (not). Attorney General: Judge Judy; Secretary of State: the very well traveled Paris Hilton – she must know a lot about the world, she is namd after a foreign city! Secretary of Interior – Martha Stewart. Help me finish this!!

8 Responses to “This and That”

  1. Helen Conway says:

    Those shoes look like they would be great for my arthritic knees but no UK suppliers yet 🙁

    And lay off Judge Judy – she is my role model!

  2. Jen Anderson says:

    Love both of the new pieces! I will have to try those shoes as soon as I can afford them. Jen

  3. Judy says:

    I really like Jeannie and Dee’s cabinet suggestions, but I think OJ could fill both the justice and transportation seats, don’t you?

    Heard a great NPR program on Plantar Fasciatis last night…all of the good types of shoes to wear and the stretches to do. I know that is not what you have, but I am mentioning it because it is shoe/foot related and I am so wordy!!! :P:

    Lastly, I adore your pictured quilt, but I must ask: is that Red Sky or Urban Sunlight? Oh come on, quit rolling your eyes at me like that!!! You’ve lived with me, you know how dense I can be!!!

    OK, I’ll quit for now.


  4. dee says:

    I forgot to say Happy Anniversary. Hope you’re doing something fun and possibly delicious(all about the food as you know)
    Hope your day is simply wonderful.
    I think we still have my late FILs Nixon button.

  5. Patty says:

    I was cleaning house the other day and found a John Kerry button. I have no idea why I saved it. I would be willing to send it to a good home if you would like it for your collection.

  6. Kathie says:

    I have a Cabinet suggestion but am withholding it because I don’t want to offend anyone, and it probably would offend someone.

    Love the Red Sky…

    And happy anniversary a few days early. Celebrate BIG!

  7. dee says:

    secy of labor, angelina jolie(har har)
    health & human services-john edwards
    drug czar-britney spears

  8. Jeannie says:

    I really like Urban Sunlight The walking shoes – um, they are funny looking, but I like the concept and will check them out as I cruise through Portland. Here are some ideas for your list Dept. of Labor – the lady who had 17(18) kids all with names starting with J (name escapes me), Dept. of Health – Dr. Phil (Dr. Oz is too busy on Oprah), Dept. of Justice – OJ, Dept. of Transportation – John DeLorean.