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Living a Sheltered Life

As I work on my two shelter pieces, I keep thinking of phrases with shelter in them: give me shelter, shelter in place, temporary shelter, homeless shelter…

I finished the quilting on shelter piece #1. It needs some fine tuning and facings. I started work on the simpler (ha!) #2. Here is the thing — when you do spare and simple, it has to be really elegant — you know what I mean? Here is a sneak peek at the background for the piece:

If you participated in the 2008 Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit, Lynn has mounted the 12 X 12 pieces, and she has a photo on her blog. It looks amazing. You can click on the photo and see the individual pieces. The exhibit is supporting the American Cancer Society and Fiber Arts for a Cause. Click here to go to her blog.

I am still completely baffled by the Republican campaign. I believe that there can be no choice, but Obama, given the eratic behavior of McCain and the complete ineptness of Palin. I just have to hope that the majority of voters get it.

3 Responses to “Living a Sheltered Life”

  1. PaMdora says:

    I think the Republicans are running a campaign of fear, trying to keep the country in a state of hysteria so they can control people. It’s embarrassing really that sometimes this works so well. That’s what frightens me.

  2. terry grant says:

    I just came from Idaho, reputedly the most Republican state in the Union. I saw no McCain yard signs, bumper stickers or billboards. Wierd. No Obama ones, either, except for my own bumper sticker. My niece has a bumper sticker that says “Blue girl in a red state”. Good for her! I imagine most folks in Idaho are going to vote for McCain, but they sure aren’t expressing much enthusiasm for him. Maybe my niece’s bumper sticker is an indication that the tide is turning, at least among the younger generation.

  3. Judy says:

    As you know, I totally agree with your political sentiments, but having driven around the great southland this past week, I am more nervous than ever as to who is now the majority…and I fear it is ‘they’!

    Your name and quilt description came right after mine in the listing, and our little quilts are katty-korner (is that how it’s spelled?) to eachother in the display! I get the first part as Lynn has done it alphabetically, and I was happily surprised to see our babies touching!

    Yes, simple is elegant……..reminds me of Princess Grace!

    Happy Day to You!