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Fish Fusion

I am making my third tropical fish quilt. The first is on its way home to me after hanging in a show in San Jose. While there, someone saw it, love it and wanted one in a different size. The other was made for an auction to support a day shelter for at risk women and children in Santa Rosa. So I am working on the commission piece. After seeing Terry’s method of Liquifuse applique, I decided I had to give it a try. I do a lot of beading on these quilts so Wonder Under is out of the question. For the other two, I did a temporary gluing with glue stick – which is not very stable.

I select fabric for a watery background, sandwich it and quilt it before adding the fish and beads.


I make freezer paper templates for each section of the fish, making sure there is a seam allowance for fusing the pieces together. Here are my fish templates, after they were cut from fabric.


After cutting each template, I added the diluted Liquifuse to the edges of each piece. The, using Teflon sheets, I assembled each fish as a unit. Today, while I was making fish, Mia and Milo were visiting and coloring in coloring books and chatting with me. Pure bliss!! I digress. Here are the assembled fish positioned on the background. Now, all I have to do  is iron them down and do some stitching and I am ready to bead. Inspired by Judy, I am adding a sea horse this time and of course there Will be octopi! These fish need some eyes!!


In my spare time, I am still trying to get the studio organized. I have been sorting fabric. These piles are my commercial fabrics. I still have batiks, hand-dyes and silks. I am sorting all of these by colors. I obviously need to get rid of some more fabric. I’ll never use all of this. Most of this is from my early days.  So I am going to cull through it and take some to Scrap to donate. I used to give it to my guild for the community quilt program.


Tomorrow night is first Thursday gallery night in downtown Portland and our Artist’s Among Us show will be open. The gala opening reception is on Friday night. On Saturday afternoon, I am helping by staffing the show, So guess I have my dance card all full for a few days. I’ll try to remember my camera so that I can post some photos.

7 Responses to “Fish Fusion”

  1. jenclair says:

    Your fish quilts are so much fun and the background on this one is marvelous! A series with infinite options…

  2. Karoda says:

    Just wanted to let anyone who was interested know that I found LiquiFuse at Michaels Crafts today.

  3. Mary Manahan says:


    You are the mistress of fish! And I love the addition of the seahorse.

    I’m glad to see your studio is not unpacked and organized all ready. That would be super-human, in addition to everything else you do.

    I’m doing great. Just dyed 125 meters of fabric and I have left-over dye but no more PFD fabric. I’ll have to check Melody’s blog, I seem to recall her dyeing muslin.

    Thanks for your e-mail, I miss you too! And everybody else. It is nice to take a break from blogging, though.

  4. karoda says:

    I saw that on Terrie’s blog and looked for Liquifuse yesterday but was unsuccessful.

    Your bliss is my bliss 🙂

  5. Judy says:

    WOW!! Your fish quilts keep getting better and better…not that the first ones were too shabby! I’m thrilled that you added a sea horse too! Are you liking Terri’s method with the Liquifuse better? I am eager to give it a try on my next piece.
    Enjoy your full weekend!

  6. Micki says:

    Ooooh, another fab fish quilt. I need to work on my design again, in between everything else. LOL. Did you quilt the background before adding your fish?

  7. DebR says:

    The fish quilt is looking great and I love the photo of the pile of fabric!