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Well, you knew that my happy high would not last. Got some news today that has me in tears and worrying for someone. Perhaps at some point I can share the details, but, for now, we are in the stages of discovery and coping. Don’t worry about Mr C or I — we are just fine — just sad.

I spent the morning at WW and shopping. I am at an impasse with my diet. I gained over the celebration time and now I just can’t get back with the program and losing. I switched meetings and am happier with the leader and group so I hope I can get motivated. I have to start journaling my food intake again, which I just finished doing. I had a good day.

M & M had no school today and Steph needed to do a Trader Joe’s run so she dropped them off to spend some time with us.

Miles and Mr C found a paper airplane site on the web and started folding.

Mia came down to the studio with me and decorated a t-shirt with T-Juice markers. I forgot to get a photo. I kept working on the Galilee Sunrise.

This is what I did today. For the mountains: the top reddish fabric is one that Jeanne gave me for my birthday. That glowing bit in the center was perfect to be under the sun.

I am covering this with organza to tone it down.

I have this delicious piece of shibori silk that will be the base of the sky. I am covering parts of it with organza to give it that reddish/golden glow.

So here are my fabrics laid out on the cutting table. I think I am making progress. I apologize for the photography. I had to take these photos from overhead the piece is on my cutting table and the light is not that great.

Tomorrow, I am going to the Oregon critque group. We meet twice a year. This time, we are meeting in Eugene, a couple of hours away. Terry is picking me up at 7:30 am. I have my quilts packed and my outfit selected. I am not very good in the early morning. I have to be organized. I guess I better set the alarm, too.

7 Responses to “Melancholy”

  1. Judy says:

    Lord, lord, I don’t check your blog for a couple of days and miss the most incredible news!! Just goes to show me! LOL

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you are doing with your sunrise piece. I hope and pray that some of this will rub off on me…when can we vacation together again???????

    Warm Hugs……….and lots Love honey.


  2. Karoda says:

    Enjoy the ride to Eugene and the good company tomorrow. Hoping you get through to the other side of melancholy soon 🙂

  3. jenclair says:

    I’m glad you have an interesting day to look forward to; being with friends in a creative mode can help dispel some of the melancholy. Shanti.

    Loved the direction of the sunrise.

  4. Jen Anderson says:

    My thoughts are with you, Gerrie. It’s always hard to take the bitter with the sweet.
    Your work is exciting, it’s so much fun to see it take shape. Your show will be terrific!Jen

  5. terry grant says:

    I have my quilts packed and ready too. Ray just set the coffee maker to start brewing at 6 am, so I can be out the door before 7 with a mug of fresh coffee in hand. I’m off to bed now. See you in the morning!

  6. Reva says:

    Hang in there, friend. I know Melancholy, too. Hope the critique group is worth the effort of getting up early. It’s a challenge now that the mornings are so dark.

  7. Kristin L says:

    Even with not so great photography Galilee Sunrise is looking fabulous!! Enjoy Eugene for me — you know I wish I could hitch a ride with you if I could 😉