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Saturday Stuff

I am going to do a rare Saturday post. I have veggies roasting in the oven. Mr C is going to grill some turkey breast loins. M & M are arriving soon to have dinner with us and spend the night. Steph was worried that she was wearing out her babysitting time. I told her there is no limit, as long as I do not have plans. I always love to have them come by for some quality time with us.

I scored a great 12 X 12 quilt from the SAQA auction today. This is by Cathy Kleeman. I love her work. She got into Quilt National this year. I have a piece that will be in the third week of the auction. Here is the piece that I am adding to my collection:

I started quilting the hillside houses today. First, I fused it to the batting:

Then I sewed the back to this, right side facings and prepared it for the pillowcase turn. I add a length of wonder under to the wrong side of the backing along the top edge where the rod pocket will go. I cut a slit through the center of the paper and start turning.

Here it is turned and ready for quilting. Whoops, I just got a comment from Terry. She thinks I should have done a solid sky. Too late now! I considered it, but I really liked using the square in a square.

To complement this wonky quilt, I am doing wonky quilting.

I hope to finish this tomorrow and move on to another piece that is running around in my brain.

12 Responses to “Saturday Stuff”

  1. kathy says:

    Yep, I really love Kathy Kleeman’s piece too—I can see why you wanted it.

  2. jenclair says:

    Love the look of the square in square quilting. Beautiful piece by Cathy Kleeman!

  3. terry grant says:

    Now, I didn’t say I thought you *should* have a solid sky, just asked if you had considered it. I was thinking the outline of the hillside buildings against a solid sky might be a nice graphic line.

    I too wondered what the heck breast loins could be! Conjurs an interesting mental image!

  4. PaMdora says:

    Forgot to say, love the quilting. I’ve been itching to do some abstract pieces but haven’t had time to do any art, wah. Glad you’re back at it.

  5. PaMdora says:

    We must have same taste, that’s the one I wanted if I had had the spare cash!

  6. Reva says:

    What are turkey breast loins? I’m trying to wrap my mind about what anatomical part this might be. Sorry; the editur never sleepz.

  7. Diane says:

    I am really liking this a lot too, Gerrie. Terry’e comment about the sky struck me as useful … maybe next time for something like this, you could do more subtle blue contrasts for sky, so you have an overall calmer sense in the sky but still squares, too … At any rate, this is wonderful and lively and an excellent example of abstratcion that still conjures up your starting image.

  8. Gerrie – I’m so glad my SAQA piece has found a home with someone who loves it! Thanks so much, and I know SAQA will benefit also.

    I like the square in a square look very much!

  9. Natalya says:

    nice score on that beautiful piece! and i really like your interpretation of hillside full of houses…

  10. Dale Anne says:

    LOVING the look of this new piece of yours! Also, LOVE seeing Cathy’s work…wish our budget would allow me to buy one of them!

  11. Kristin L says:

    Beautiful piece from Kathy Kleeman. I’ve got my eyes on a piece in the last batch.

    I like the squares in squares too.

  12. Judy says:

    Love it……..I just love it!!!
    How do you sleep with all of these ideas running around in your head?