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“Hanging” In There

First, a feeling of elation to see the pieces hanging. Then, a let down as I realize that I have been consumed by this and now, it is over. I tried to take some photos, but the lighting was pretty bad. The art work lights were on, but the general lighting was not on.





I could not have hung another piece, without it looking very crowded. I did a journal page with photos for each section, I received lots of positive comments from those walking through the hall. Sunday morning, I am doing a gallery walk at 9 am, then we have the reception at 1 pm. It will be a long day.

Here is how we hung them. Mr C made slats with screw eyes on the end for each piece. Then we strung wire between the two screw eyes. Then we stapled the wire to the wooden slat through the sleeve, 2 inches from the center on each side. On the larger pieces, we put in more staples.


Here is the hook from which the are hangs. It is attached to a rail at the top of the panels.


Here is the quilt hung on the hook.


Tonight, I got organized to start processing registrations tomorrow morning. It is supposed to rain buckets tonight and tomorrow so I might as well be sitting around doing paper work. We are offering registration and workshop confirmation via e-mail for the first time this year. I was amazed at how many want the e-mail. I got the pdfs set up and I think I can make that go quite fast. I also have to process all of the credit cards on line. Just so you know, I won’t be far from the ‘puter for the next few days.

9 Responses to ““Hanging” In There”

  1. Connie Akers says:

    Gerrie, Congratulations on a beautiful show. You inspire me! Also THANKS (I needed that)for showing how to create hangers for quilts going into art shows. Happy New Years, Connie

  2. Judy says:

    The show looks fabulous!! Oh you must be so very proud!!!


  3. Natalya says:

    congratulations! it looks amazing!

  4. PaMdora says:

    Great Gerrie, you did it — got all your new work done and hung — you should be proud. But I also know what you mean about being let down, when you have a consuming passion and then it’s completed, sometimes there’s a little something missing inside. Hope you have a great opening. But it also sounds perverse, but I try not to take the good stuff too seriously. Most people say that about the bad, which I do too, but I find you can’t get too serious about the good either because we’re all just in a floating world. xoxo pam

  5. Reva says:

    Don’t worry too much about feeling let-down; you’ve got the opening on Snday and then the show’s up for several weeks — you’ll be flying high again on all the comments and compliments!

  6. Jen Anderson says:

    Even in photos taken in bad light, your show looks stunning. It makes me wish I could see your show in person. Congratulations on a beautiful installation, and thanks for being such an inspiration. Jen

  7. terry grant says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the show! It looks great in the photos.

  8. karoda says:

    Congratulations Gerrie on getting the show hung!!! You’ve worked your butt off for this show…the space looks complimentary too.

    I’m putting either an SDA or SAQA conference on my agenda for 2010. I know you’ll be working at the conference but I’m wishing you time for having big laughs with friends while there. Peace

  9. Brenda says:

    I do hope that you can break the back of the SDA workshop admin and then bask in the achievement of having completed and installed your solo show. I know you’re booked in with your hair colorist. Have you worked out what you are going to wear for Sunday?