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It is a Small World, After All

Today I am reminded of how much the Internet has changed my life and brought me friends and opportunities that would otherwise be non-existent. Here are three examples.

1. When I went in to get my hair cut today, Julia told me that someone named Leslie had started coming to her because of me. She thought she was a quilter. So I am scratching my  head trying to think who this person could be. I have not talked about Julia or my obsession over finding the right person to do my hair any place but on this blog. So I asked if she had seen it on the Internet. Julia, who speaks with the cutest Russian accent, thought that might be it. So, Leslie, are  you out there reading this? If so, please make yourself known to me.

2. Now, the second thing that has happened is the result of a post that someone on the Quilt Art list made regarding places to buy fabric and stuff in the Bay Area, but she said she now lived in Portland. So, I was immediately interested in finding out more about someone who was so familiar with the Bay area and now lived in Portland.

I e-mailed her privately to ask if she was in any of the guilds or belonged to any art quilting groups. A couple of weeks went by and she recently e-mailed me back. Little by little, we put two and two together and realized that we have met. After living in Berkeley, she moved to the Gualala area and was active in the Pacific Piecemakers Guild. They have marvelous guest teachers come and do multi-day workshops. I took one of their workshops with Mrs. Mel. Reva was in the class. The e-mails are going back and forth and now I find out that she lives in my neighborhood, but up at the top of the hill near Berkeley Park, where Mr C and I often stop on our walks to use the facilities. She has taken a class with Jeanette DeNicolis Meyer at the Oregon College of Art & Craft – something I am looking forward to doing. So now we are planning to get together when I am back in town or maybe before then, if I get my act together.

3. I am so excited because tomorrow, I get to meet this person. She and her sculptor husband are in Portland for a family reunion and wedding, and I have lured her away from yoga classes, spa treatments and family obligations to have lunch with Terry, June and I and our husbands. We may do a little gallery crawling in the process. I will take my camera with a charged battery and get some photos of the event.

So there you have  it, my life via the Internet. How boring it might be without it. Or at least, slower.

5 Responses to “It is a Small World, After All”

  1. Sandy says:

    Hey Gerri- check your link to Terry- it is going to ‘soitgoes’ instead of ‘SEWit goes’ and the woman is kind of a lazy pottymouth . Sure would love to join your guys for lunch with Pam, but it is sort of a hike from Boston. Have a grand time- Sandy (and thanks for the link!)

  2. bobbi says:

    hi gerry! when you meet pamdora tell her I love her studio! I think I found her blog through you…or maybe through june’s blog…anyway, yep, definitely agree that the web has made a tremendous difference in my life in many ways too!

  3. Sue says:

    Your blog is one of my favorites and I check it frequently. A little while back, you had listed a number of places you had ordered supplies from. One of them was Web of Thread in Kenmore, WA, which is just down the hill from me. So I checked it out and that’s how I signed up for a 6 month design class with Larkin van Horn. So thank you for that connection.

  4. janet says:

    Today I also did an entry about being connected thru the internet! I think it has made a huge difference in my life, too. Thank you for the link to Pamdora’s Box….what an interesting blog she has.

  5. kirsty says:

    How I envy you!! My chances of bumping into a blog buddy in the Outback are slim to dwindling, I suspect 🙂