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Deb made me do it

DebR has this little quiz on her blog. I’m a sucker for these too!

Your Inner European is French!

Smart and sophisticated.

You have the best of everything – at least, *you* think so.

3 Responses to “Deb made me do it”

  1. Sonji Hunt says:

    Did the quiz and of course, I too am FRENCH like you my sister! I knew it…anything to get under Bush’s skin.

  2. gabrielle says:

    Being Irish/Italian, I am almost afraid to find out my inner European…soda bread with scampi, no doubt.

  3. Dorothee says:

    (I may as well be shot for this comment)

    I’m Irish – pretty good for someone who lived on the neighbouring isle for five years. Actually, Manchester, my home town of sorts, is well loved and populated by the folks from the Emerald Isle.