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Depth of Field Shibori

After finishing today’s pieces, I truly get the title of Jan’s class — Depth of Field Shibori. This piece probably is the best example.


Here is a detail:


This piece was shibori wrapped and dyed and then underpainted with a gradation of dyes and then shibori wrapped and dyed in a dark dye. Oh, I love this.

Here is more of the work.

This piece was first shibori wrapped and then dyed in bright orange. Today, I rewrapped it and dyed it in violet – yowza!!


Here is the chopstick piece from yesterday. Today, I wrapped it with chopsticks again and dyed it in chartreuse.chopstickfoldedshibori

The next piece was the one I laid on top of an underdyed fabric while it was still wet and then I smooshed it. Today, I did the rope trick with it. Love it.


Here is a detail.


I just had to show Sheila and her mammogram quilt. She used CD clamps for this. Someone said it looked like a mammogram for a dog – LOL.


Here is the very talented and lovely Constance Rose, working away, rinsing dyed pieces.


I have more luscious work to show, but it will have to wait for tomorrow. I have to post my window quilt on the 12 X 12 site. Be sure to take a look through our windows.

15 Responses to “Depth of Field Shibori”

  1. Jennifer Cooper says:

    Jan is such an incredible teacher and sharer of her techniques. You certainly had wonderful success with your own fabrics. I’ve used some of my class samples in a piece that’s in the SDA members show at the Off the Grid conference this year: “Thanks, Jan.” I hope she is there, you too, and gets to see it. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go – maybe one year.

    Thanks for sharing your work.

  2. diana says:

    Wow, simply gorgeous work!

  3. terry grant says:

    These pieces are very elegant! I love the gracefulness of the shibori patterning.

  4. Reva says:

    Yummy indeed. And you’ll have no problem cutting into any of them, I’m sure.

  5. Judy says:

    Oh wow!!!! I am so excited about your class!!! Your pieces are truly incredibly beautiful!


  6. Francoise says:

    Gorgeous pieces! I want to do this too!

  7. Jeannie says:

    Beautiful pieces of art.

  8. kathy says:

    Wowza…these are too awesome, Gerrie!

  9. Kristin's Mom says:

    Welcome to my humble little city of Eugene, OR. If I were not visiting Kristin in Hawaii, I would have paid you a visit. Your shibori work is gorgeous.

  10. teri says:

    Yummy! Makes me really eager to get back to Nova Scotia and get into the dye studio!!


  11. Liz Berg says:

    these are just amazing, Gerrie! What a wonderful collection of fabrics you are creating! After this class you will completely understand shibori dyeing and can then teach me!

  12. Jami says:

    Hi Gerrie, The pictures of the dyed fabrics are so inspriational, I just want to get up and get going now. The one in the fourth or fifth photo immediately made me think about the sun shining on the water. I would love to hear from you, if you could give me you #1 piece of advise for someone, dying to dye.

  13. Terri says:

    Spectacular fabrics…ALL of them! I’m so impressed!

  14. Diane D. says:

    My goodness Gerrie – it’s all so luscious! Can’t wait to see what you make with all this treasure.

  15. Kristin L says:

    WOW!! It’s amazing what a second and/or third layer of dye does! Gorgeous!