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AQT 2006 – Going Home

It is early on Wednesday morning. My roommate left at 4 am. We both crashed early last night so I am up and posting before breakfast and packing to go home. All of my supplies are packed and will be shipped home by the hotel today.

I can’t believe that I didn’t take photos of my work before I took it down so I tried to get some photos in the room this morning.

Here is work # 1 – and a closeup.



Here is work # 2. It is all silk and very unstable. When I get it home I will fuse it to batting and fuse the elements. Charlotte helped me work out a quilting plan which will tie this all together. Remember this was folded up and is now a wrinkiled mess.


Here is a close-up of the layers in the upper left corner which will be stitched and cut in parts to reveal the different layers.


Here are some other close-ups of elements:

Screenprinted and mono-printed.


Mono-print silk discharge on silk background.


Screen-printed silk background.


Oh, and here is the delightful Charlotte Yde. That is Steen, her handsome husband in the background.


Look at what I won!! Third place from the teachers for my Aspen Reflections which is owned by Teri Springer. Teri, do I have to give you the ribbon? I’m keeping the $50 check!


The cactus piece won people’s choice. The dog won second place for the teacher’s award.

I leave you with the final dessert du jour.


I’m going home!

8 Responses to “AQT 2006 – Going Home”

  1. Congratulations! It does look beautiful – as does the dessert!

  2. terry grant says:

    Aha! I think I spy our little “challenge” fabric piece in there. I can’t wait to see these pieces. They look amazing. And we want to hear all your stories, too. Looking forward to getting together with you soon.

  3. Shirley says:

    Oh well done Gerrie! And the dessert looks wonderful too.

  4. mary manahan says:

    Congratulations, Gerrie! The work you accomplished this week is astounding… you must be so excited to take it all home to quilt. Thanks for sharing your week with us.

  5. teri says:

    Nah…I’ll let you keep the ribbon. I am happy just owning such a beautiful piece!!

    Safe travels!


  6. Reva says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing some of these beauties up close and personal!

  7. I enjoyed reading your daily updates from AQT, I wish I could have gone.

  8. jenclair says:

    Congratulations! I know you will use that $50 to good effect. Can’t wait to see your finished piece and suggested quilting!