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Wandering in the Wilderness

It has been so long since I have been in my studio that I wonder if I can remember how to do anything. My house is in dire need of a spring housecleaning. I really miss Maryama. I hate doing that dirty work. Having Scooter in and out has only added to the messiness. Here is the thing. I love a clean house; I just don’t want to do it. Anyway, I am spending way too much time diddling on the computer, playing games and reading QA and FB posts. I missed another show deadline that I was really hoping to make this year as the show is near my hometown back in NYS.

I need to get back on a schedule and get off the computer. I have used up all my excuses — new puppy, resting up from the conference, its raining, the sun is shining, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

OK that is off my chest.

Yesterday, I had M & M here because their Mom is in San Francisco doing a photo shoot for friend and hanging out with her sister. After breakfast, we took Scooter to the groomer’s for a summer hair cut. He is so cute. We can see his big brown eyes now. And a bonus, he does not slobber as much water and track in as much dirt and stuff.



Back at the house, Mia asked if she could use my sewing machine. Miles became very intriged by it. She very proudly showed him how it works and let him push the button to select the stitches.



They went home with their Dad last night and he took the day off to spend with them.

Mr C and Mark are making great progress on the steps to my garden.



Today, I went to WW ( lost!) and then took the dogs for a long walk. It was a pretty nice day. Basically, I vegged out for the rest of the day. Well, I cleaned up from the mayhem of having two children around and took Scooter for a walk in the Rhodie Garden. I really have to shake this “being in limbo” attitude I have. Somebody light a fire under me!!

8 Responses to “Wandering in the Wilderness”

  1. Karen says:

    What are these steps made out of? I love the look of them!

  2. francoise says:

    Scooter’s looks great with his summer haircut.
    Love the picture of M and M at your sewing machine. Very cute!
    Hope you had a good weekend and you’re ready to go back to the studio.

  3. jenclair says:

    Things are percolating, just give them time! Love the steps; they look terrific. The pictures of the kids enjoying the sewing machine are wonderful!

  4. Deborah says:

    You’re just “sharpening the saw.” It’s ok to have down time. But, you certainly don’t seem completely in limbo — you’ve been busy with all kinds of things.

  5. Louise in SW Saskatchewan says:

    Sometimes that “in limbo” feeling is you needing the downtime after a prolific or intense period. You seem to have been way busy for awhile with all the conference “stuff”.

    I took a 3 day workshop to get me movinag again and it’s sure helped. Now I am getting back into a creating routine of studio and other times.

  6. Diane D. says:

    The steps look great! I’m struggling with the clean house concept myself – I’ve got some giant boxes from Ikea on the sun porch just waiting to become fabulous storage units – after I get a wall painted.

  7. Jeannie says:

    I love the photos of M&M at the sewing machine (perhaps a future present for Mom?). Scooter looks so wise with his new haircut. Is he aiding in the engineering of the new steps? Clean house – love the concept, hate the work to get there. Go pet the fabric and look at artist work that you love. If all else fails, a trip to Powell’s, a bottle of wine, and a comfy chair in the shade might work. Have a great weekend. Cheers.

  8. Kristin L says:

    I have no fire to light, as I have two kids at home all day and no desire to clean either — but I must say that Scooter looks very dapper in his new cut and not too Poodley at all. 🙂