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Up with Pizza


Today was a grand day with the grand-kids, M & M. It was very hot — above 90°. We thought about going to the pool, but the idea of the crowd looking for relief  just didn’t sit well with us.

After a quick scooter ride and Scooter walk, we ventured out for pizza at Pizza Schmizza. Miles ate two big slices of cheese pizza. Mia was satiated with just one.


Miles entertained me with funny faces.



Mia tried to ignore him.


Then it was off to the air conditioned movies to see UP. I knew nothing about this film and was pleasantly surprised to find the main character was someone of my generation. Mr C and I laughed and got misty eyed. M & M loved it. We all loved the dorky hero dog who had some of the best lines.

Hope you have a great Fourth of July!

2 Responses to “Up with Pizza”

  1. Kristin L says:

    Miles’ long hair is so cute. 🙂 We saw UP too and loved it. My hubby had a phase early in in his Army training where he talked a lot with a Kung Fu voice, so Alpha Dog had me crying with laughter! Of course, “Squirrel!” has now become part of our daily converse.

  2. Leisa Rich says:

    They are cool lookin’ kids! You are obviously a doting grandma…I hope to be one one day myself…with a daughter age 22, that might not be far off into the future! (but first she would have to find someone to meet her LOFTY expectations!)