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Art Every Day 3


Because, you can’t make just one…. I had so much fun today with my indigo scraps. I love all of these. It feels pretty good to use up scraps that really would have no other use. You can click on the photo to see them larger.

I did one more for the colorful silk series, titled Circles.


It took a better part of my morning to prepare The Wall of Hopes and Dreams for shipping to Arizona for the Significant Stitches show. Scooter and I walked up to the Westmoreland Kinkos/FedEx store. It was a beautiful brisk and sunny fall day.

This afternoon, I went to see Kevin for a hair cut. I said cut it all off, I am tired of hair. Hed did. Hope I won’t regret it. It does grow back.

Look at my adorable pup on his new bed. When we first bought it, he would only lie next to it. Yesterday and today, he has been curled up on it.


I regret that I did not have time for any drawing exercises, but I will get to it. I have other fish to fry right now.

7 Responses to “Art Every Day 3”

  1. Judy says:

    Scooter is turning into one distinguished DUDE!!! Don’t you just love him!!!!
    The postcards are great….love the black and white polka dots! Reminds me of some pears that I received from you! 🙂


  2. Jeannie says:

    The indigo series is wonderful. Do we get to see a photo of the new hairdo? Like Kristin I waver between getting it all chopped off and keeping my head warm in the winter. Scooter looks so comfy! Hope it is sunny in your neck of the woods. Have a great rest of the week.

  3. Vicki W says:

    I love the trees!

  4. Kristin L says:

    Yay indigo! I love looking at my indigo aspens quilt from you every day.

    Each summer here I get very tired of hair too. I haven’t been brave enough to cut mine off though. Luckily, it’s gotten cooler the last few days, so the urge to bald has passed.

  5. Connie Rose says:

    I love all the work you’re doing these days. The indigo trees are wonderful!

  6. And how would someone go about acquiring an wonderful indigo postcard by such a talented lady??? Trade for beaded something?

    Carol Dean (who believes it can never hurt to ask…)

  7. Karen says:

    I love the indigo postcards, especially the top one! What fun!