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The Twelves in Print

I think I have mentioned that the Twelve X Twelve quilts are going on tour down under. I just received a copy of Down Under Textiles magazine that has a lovely article about us and a photo of a quilt by each of us.

Kirsten, one of our down under members, sent me a copy (one for Terry, too). It is quite exciting to see us in print. Can’t imagine what it will be like when our book comes out.

Thank you so much to everyone for your lovely comments about my Winter Night quilt. It is very much appreciated.

5 Responses to “The Twelves in Print”

  1. Judy says:



  2. Reva says:

    “Down Under Textiles” sounds like it should be a form of batting. Srsly, congrats, and I agree that the latest reveal is wonderful!

  3. Karoda says:

    yeap! cool and exciting to the max!

  4. rayna says:

    This is so exciting! Can’t wait to see the book.

  5. Connie Rose says:

    That’s so cool, Gerrie. BTW, all of the twelves’ blue/black/white quilts are fantastic. Please give my kudos to them all. I tried several times to leave comments on the 12×12 blog yesterday and couldn’t, for some reason.