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Luggage for Traveling Quilts

Have you ever sent a quilt off to a show, only to have it return home without the bag you sent it in. Or have you ever hung a show and tried to keep track of the packing materials for each quilt.

My art quilt group is getting ready to send out our 2010 show, Bird’s Eye View. Each quilt will be in a special cloth bag with a label attached to the bag that has a photo of the quilt and contact information. Each quilt will have a hanging rod and again, we are asking that those be labeled for easy identification.

Today, I made bags for mine. I sewed a Ziploc bag to the outside of the bag. I printed the label with the photo and my address and put it in the Ziploc bag. Using the ziploc bag allows the bag to be reused for another quilt. I roll each quilt around a foam swim tube cut to the size of the quilt and stash it in the bag with the hanging rod.

I finished the quilting on Mother Lode. I am quite happy with the result. I have to trim it to size and attaching facings to finish. I have to do some major housecleaning tomorrow as I have the jurying committee for the show coming on Sunday.

M & M are spending the night. It is their Dad’s birthday tomorrow and Steph is treating him to a nice dinner sans children. We will all celebrate tomorrow.

We took them out for fusion Asian food tonight.

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  1. Karoda says:

    your grands seem to be growing up so fast!