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More Studio Tours

Before I flew home tonight, I spent the day with Lisa, visiting her studio and  the studio of her best friend, Diana.

While we were there, she photographed one of her daily collection photos. Her 2010 project is to photograph or illustrate a collection every day. She is posting them on the blog, A Collection a Day. Her project will be featured in the May Martha Stewart Magazine.

Her studio mate, Jamie, does glitter paintings. Here are her bottles of glitter. These must be seen to be believed. Check my Flickr site.

After lunch, we went to Lisa’s home to pick up Wilfredo and then went to visit Diana in her pottery studio. She takes care of Wilfredo when Lisa and Clay are out of town. She calls him Noodle and he adores her.

Here are some shelves in her studio.

I love the glaze samples.

I bought a set of these glow bowls that hold votives. If you would like to see more of Diana’s work, check out her website.

You can see more of my photos from the day on my Flicker Set: Lisa and Diana’s Studios.

It is good to be home. Scooter really missed me and jumped and jumped to welcome me home. Mr C said he did not eat for the first two days. It is nice to have such unconditional love.

3 Responses to “More Studio Tours”

  1. Judy says:

    I just realized that I hadn’t seen photos of your visit with Lisa and Clay….so here I am! Nice shots! I will go look at your Flickr site next.
    Aren’t our boys so amazing…..not talkin’ about Mr C and C…..I mean Scooter and Barker! They are gems!!! Talk about unconditional love….that’s their middle names!


  2. Natalya says:

    cool artists…cool studios…..so inspiring! wish there was a close up of a glitter painting. does Jamie have a website?

  3. Fitzy says:

    In the photo of Lisa working on her collection, I thought, “Oh, did Mia get glasses?” Families are funny that way!