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Kilauea Colors

The next Twelve X Twelve color theme, selected by Kristin, is based on the colors related to the Kilauea Volcano. Not surprising, since she lives in Hawaii. I love the colors — red, ash, black, orange, chartreuse and orange.

I started thinking about my piece today. It wants to be silk. I started pulling some silk fabrics. That yummy shibori up there in the first photo was in a batch of scraps that bought from Shibori Girl, Glennis Dolce.

Here is another batch of possible silks:

I decided I need a better black so tonight I dyed a couple of pieces of silk. Tomorrow, I hope to have something luscious to work with.

It was a very nice day in Portland. I think by the end of the week, we will have fabulous weather.

By the way, I have had very good results with my low carb eating plan. I have lost some weight every day and have not felt deprived, except that I am really missing whole grains. I have one more week of no starches and then I can add some into my eating plan. Right now, I need to get my blood sugar stabilized and get my body off too many carbs.

3 Responses to “Kilauea Colors”

  1. jenclair says:

    Glad the new low carb plan is going well. The silks look luscious!

  2. Judy says:

    way to go on your new eating plan!


  3. glennis says:

    funny, i just saw this post on FB ad thought the shibori looked familiar not knowing it was mine- thanks for linking me up here and by the way, speaking of volcanos- i have one called “hot Lava” black and red. my relatives in Iceland sent over some photos of a trip they took to see the current eruption and lava flow- very cool (in a hot sort of way). i posted a link on my wall a couple of weeks ago if you are interested in seeing the photos for some volcanic inspiration.