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More New Work

I got to work early this morning and made the two aspen pieces before I went for my morning walk and had lunch. This afternoon, I picked Mia up from school and she hung out with me while Steph took Miles to see the ENT doctor. I did some hand stitching on some work while she played on the computer and entertained me with her chatter.

Miles has a hearing problem which the ENT feels might be due to fluid in his ears. He is older than the normal candidate, but he will have tubes put in his ears in the near future. He has been seeing a speech therapist, but until they get the hearing dealt with, it really is not that beneficial.

We all went out for pizza, except I had a salad with shrimp.  I am doing so well with my low carb eating. I have so much energy and I continue to slowly lose weight.

After we got home, I went back to the studio and made the other two 6 inch square pieces — an indigo piece and a skinny bits grass landscape. I am hoping to get three more done tomorrow. And I also need to add the pearls to the eight batik pieces.

4 Responses to “More New Work”

  1. michele says:

    I’m with Karoda…I’m digging the burgandy with the grasses. Very nice Gerrie.

  2. Kristin L says:

    I’m really enjoying seeing how you interpret your (relatively) larger pieces in this small format, and their being on the canvases really gives them nice “oomph.” Seems like this is a good format for you. Enjoy!

  3. Dale Anne says:

    FABULOUS pieces, you’re going to have a GREAT inventory for your table!!!

  4. Karoda says:

    you are so rocking and rolling! i love the grass and the indigo piece…from your slug of a friend in ky.