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And the winner is:

# 124 — Brooke Atherton! Congratulations. Send me your snail mail via the contact tab at the top of my blog and it will be on the way. For those who missed out, I suggest that you go to Jane’s website — Complex Cloth — order the book, and she will autograph it for you!! Thanks, again, for entertaining me with your comments.

As you know, from my tie dyeing escapade, I am heading out of town next week. My daughter and family are coming to house and Scooter sit. So, I have spent some time today, trying to get the downstairs area cleared of  my messes so that M & M have a place to play. I think they are bringing their Wi with them and they need some space.

Tomorrow, I am going to try to de-clutter my studio. It has reached that stage where I can’t concentrate on anything because of the messes. I need to get the aspen piece done asap. Once I get my leaves cut and everything attached with some final stitching, it will be ready for photography.

My fiber sketch for today was so much fun. I read recently that you can use lutradur for machine felting. So I cut a piece of my leaf fabric and felted with some of my curly dyed roving. It works very well. I like it because I am not starting with much thickness. So I will do more of this.

4 Responses to “And the winner is:”

  1. Judy says:

    loved catching up with you on your blog……….been a while! You’ve been incredibly creatively busy! Lookin’ good! I have the same question as Kristin: do you have an embellisher or an attachment for your regular sewing machine? I’m so tempted to buy an embellisher, as the needles I bought for my Bernina haven’t worked out too well. But, I really don’t need another machine either! I think 11 is quite enough! LOL


  2. Kristin L says:

    I’ve seen all kinds of things machine felted. I’ve only done wet felting or single needle dry felting (by hand). I forget — do you have an embellisher machine? Or do you have an embellishment attachment for your regular machine? Or, do you do it all by hand? I’m about to do a felting project which I was thinking of doing wet/nuno style, but am now wondering if it wouldn’t be a great excuse to buy the felting attachment for my sewing machine….

  3. Brooke Atherton says:

    Lutradur for machine felting!? I wouldn’t have thought they went together. Can’t wait to see what you do with that. Thanks for the book; I’m thrilled to have it coming my way.

  4. rayna says:

    Can you send some of that energy in this direction, Gerrie? A fiber sketch each day is a great idea – esp if you have all that fused fabric. I only bring out the fusible in drop-dead emergencies. But I enjoy seeing your daily work.